Supermodel Klum divorces British singer Seal


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I am amazed this article is not followed by the usual theorizing on the reason for the divorce, from the age difference, to the renewed vows, to a secret love affair, to Mars being in Sagitarius.

I am not complaining mind you, just amazed.

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I think it probably had something to do with the age difference, the renewed vows, a secret love affair and the fact that Mars was in Sagitarius.

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Heidi Klum is 38, looking 48, so what's wrong with the age difference...?

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Age difference matters at certain point! Marriages today usually don't last through the long haul because of not following a tradition with respect for each other! Plus the fact that those in the entertainment industry are always surrounded by temptations! I can attest to the last statement, being in the music biz! Once you become even somewhat popular, the plethora of distractions start coming out of the woodwork for your amusement, pleasure and your possible pointer to the downturn of your goal! Men can father a child longer into the golden years than a woman can bear children! How rare is it to see celeb's really last through a life time together? I'm never surprised!

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They (Heidi in particular) used to parade their marriage quite a bit, with PR events, in a bid to convey the message about how perfect their marriage was. That's a major reason why their divorce is such big news now.

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