Swimmer Kitajima to wed pop singer Chisa


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Chisa is the vocalist with the Girl Next Door trio. Her family name has not been publicly disclosed.

What does that mean? You can find her name Chisa Maekawa on Wikipedia and pretty much anywhere on the web which is as public as it gets. http://www.zakzak.co.jp/sports/etc_sports/news/20130102/spo1301021153001-n1.htm

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Well, whatever on her name. It's sweet. Wish them all success. She's cute and he's a hunk-o-rama. Match made in heaven.

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I'd much rather see a pic of her than him.

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He must be a little more popular than she is...

Regardless, congratulations to the both of them!

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Chisa is a total babe.

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“was able to devote myself to my competitive career because of her support.”

He won all his medals b4 he met her, good luck all the same.

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