Swiss brand Akris holds Graceful Woman Awards


Swiss fashion brand Akris held its Graceful Woman Awards at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo this week. The awards were split into various categories and based on the results of a survey Akris conducted which asked people who they thought were elegant and refined women.

Actress Ryoko Yonekura, 33, won in the category for women in their 30s; actress-singer Hitomi Kuroki, 48, won for women in their 40s; actress Keiko Matsuzaka won for women in their 50s; and Christel Takigawa, 31, won in the newsreader category.

Yonekura said she was surprised by her selection, and said: “If the prize was for masculinity I would understand…I wonder if I’m the right choice. But I’ll use this as a chance to become an elegant woman.”

Yonekura also said she looked up to Kuroki and Matsuzaka and said she would like to get married someday. Matsuzaka, who married when she was 37, told Yonekura the time will come when she wants to get married, and advised her to keep working hard until then. Takigawa chipped in with: “I’m a bit busy now, but I suppose I’ll keep working until I’m about 37 too.”

Sayuri Yoshinaga, 63, won in the category for women in their 60s, and Shizuka Arakawa, 28, won in the athletes category, but both were absent due to work commitments.

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I'll take the 48 year-old lady. She's fine.

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I wonder if I’m the right choice. But I’ll use this as a chance to become an elegant woman.”

Ofcourse you(Yonekura Ryoko) are perfect choice of millions !

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best gracist? best gracefullist? oh, stuff it.

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How come there's no category for women in their teens or twenties? Has graceful suddenly become a euphemism for over the hill?

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Best Graceful Womanist - I think, from previous Best......ists!

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wanderlust - think you'll find the official name is "Best Gracefulist" ;)

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"Best Gracefulist" ;)

Best Correctionist!

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Matsuzaka still looks good - and a nice person too, not met the others :-)

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They're given awards for a best 30's 40' and 50's graceful women. Why does newsreader get its own category? Why not a graceful women award for best pop singer, best model, best jeanist, best bikinist etc etc...?

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Takigawa at 31 is not neccesarily a spring chicken. i guess she says it to let some pressure off. Her first name sounds like champagne.

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Her first name sounds like champagne.

PepinGalarga...wait till you come to HK, I've come across Panadol's Advil's, Perrier...some real wierd ones

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@Notginger, before 30, you are "cute" and past 30, you are "elegant and refined". That's my understanding of why there are no winners for women in their teens and 20s.

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