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Tackey's musical runs into technical problems on stage


A musical by Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey of the pop duo Tackey & Tsubasa) ran into problems on Tuesday and had to be suspended for 12 minutes due to a malfunction in a stage prop.

Takizawa was performing in the matinee for "Shinshun: Takizawa Kakumei" at the Imperial Garden Theater in Marunouchi when voices could be heard from the side of the stage. Takizawa, 29, and co-star Yuma Nakayama, 17, continued their performance but seemed to be distracted by what was going on off stage, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Then the curtain came down and it was announced that there would be a 10-minute break while a technical problem was fixed. Theater staff said later that device which lifts up props and moves them around the set failed to work.

After 12 minutes, Takizawa came back on stage and apologized for the glitch.

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Just tacky.

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Obviously he didn't put much effort into thinking about how his named should be spelt in engrish.

But that aside, I quite like Takizawa as from what I've seen of him, he does appear to be a genuinely nice guy. I wish him well with the rest of his performances.

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this is headline news!

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