Taiwan aboriginal war epic set during Japan occupation to be screened in China


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Yes, and believe it or not this film leaves the same impression Ivan.. just, war is bad -but real exciting! The 4.5 hrs flies by as it should considering the budget and how well polished it is.

The spin is win-win-win. The aboriginals of today can be proud. They had the heros, fought the good fight. Taiwan of today can be proud, it's a made in Taiwan blockbuster and because of the period injustices they inflicted to the aboriginals is sidestepped. And young Taiwanese and Japanese can be friends again because it shows that Japan wasn't that bad during the war. As a Hollywood-type film, it is a heck of a flick.

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Why would anybody fight against Japan's colonial forces? According to the display I saw at Yasukuni, all they did was give chocolates to kiddies.

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