Takarazuka star Hana Hizuki to retire


Hana Hizuki, a star of the Takarazuka Revue Company, will retire the company on July 5 and become a freelance actress, the company said Monday.

Hizuki debuted in 2000. Her last stage appearance will be in the musical “Chovendo Na Roseira” and revue “Amour” in Tokyo on July 5.

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Can someone educate me on this one? I'm not sure how old is Hana, but debuting in 2000 and able to retire nine years later, will she be receiving a pension from this company or was the use of the word "retire" misused in this article?

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Old Takarazuka stars never retire, they just end up in fake marriages to in-the-closet actors... :)

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Lonely, middle-aged single OL's across this great nation must have been devastated at the news.

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She will go into stage, movie or TV stardom. Most of them do. This just means she is retiring from performing with the Takarazuka group. I don't follow Takarazuka members, so I have no idea who she is anyway.

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JT: Post a pic. One of her natural face and one with her make-up.

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