Talent Becky officially returns to Japanese TV after affair controversy


Japanese “talent” Becky, who was “banned” from the Japanese entertainment world since late January due to her affair with musician Enon Kawatani, officially returned to showbiz with an appearance on one of her former regular TV programs this Tuesday.

The 32-year-old greeted the audience at the beginning of the program Full Chorus - Music is Full Chorus” on the cable channel BS Skyperfect TV, by once again apologizing for causing the scandal and promising “to do her best from now on.” Fellow program participants responded by saying “Okaeri,” or “Welcome back,” followed by Becky’s cheerful reply, “Tadaima” ("I’m back").

At the end of the program, Becky posted on her official Instagram account for the first time since January, addressing fans by saying, “I’ve restarted my career. I’m also back on Instagram.”

Becky’s affair with Kawatani was first reported early in January with the release of Shukan Bunshun magazine, which revealed intimate photos and private communication between the talent and Kawatani. The two had reportedly started dating last November, only a few months after his marriage, of which Becky was apparently initially unaware.

The scandal, though Becky’s first in her long career in Japan, led to her complete loss of sponsors and an enforced leave from the showbiz world, causing a major public and media stir in Japan.

Becky and Kawatani have reportedly ended their relationship after the scandal was revealed. The musician announced that he had  divorced on his official blog in May.

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Well thank God for that. TV just wasn't the same without her. Of course it's a long road from cable to prime time broadcast television...

0 ( +5 / -5 )

This is just stupid that she had to "leave" and that it's "news" she is back..

22 ( +22 / -1 )

Becky's eyes give me the creeps.

1 ( +11 / -10 )

welcome back baby Becky !

-7 ( +7 / -14 )

From the 'entertainment' point of view it makes no difference if one more of the dozens (or hundreds) of interchangeable nonentities who clog up the screens 24 hours a day is or isn't back again. But, there was no need for her to go away in the first place for a stupid reason like that. So, it's good that she is able to return, I suppose.

15 ( +15 / -0 )

This story has everything I dislike about Japan rolled up into one. Fake TV personalities, double-standards, excessive and hypocritical media and public reaction, superficial punishments and redemption, programs titled Full Chorus - Music is Full Chorus...

21 ( +21 / -0 )

I predicted right here that after everything blew over, she would be back. After all, SMAP member Kusayanagi was caught naked in a park next to his Ropongi hills apartment, and he came back. It is not as severe as before.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

So what was really the point of even being forced to leave in the first place? It even seems like a massive marketing ploy by the networks.. What a true farce

7 ( +7 / -0 )

What a gushing tone in the article. The tone is not the only thing gushing from it though.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

complete loss of sponsors

The sponsors adhere to a high ethical code of conduct - you think - which depends on the wind direction.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

32? And she had sex! Wow!

3 ( +6 / -3 )


" This story has everything I dislike about Japan rolled up into one. Fake TV personalities, double-standards, excessive and hypocritical media and public reaction, superficial punishments and redemption, programs titled F "

Oh come on. And this unique to Japan? How so?

-11 ( +3 / -14 )

Why do I have a feeling there is more important news in the world than this at the moment...

6 ( +7 / -1 )

She should have stood up for herself and women in general...but she's really Japanese in reality. She probably thinks she has caused a problem and it's regrettable.

6 ( +6 / -0 )

I hate to say "I told you so" but...

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Oh for heaven's sake! Another apology? I count four, now, and I haven't been following it particularly closely. It's no wonder bullying is so rife in this country. It's being carried out on TV for all to see, and the audience is lapping it up!

Have some dignity, Becky. Enough is enough.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

Oh come on. And this unique to Japan? How so?

In other places, she'd be on late-night TV pushing "As Seen On TV" products instead - probably beauty products.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

So what if she had an affair...its none of anyone's business but hers!

6 ( +10 / -4 )

At first glance I read the title as "Tainted Becky officially returns to J-TV".

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Although viewers will still have to bear this green-eyed menace, it will be on a greatly diminished scale and she will never be as menacing as she used to be. Which annoying twat will fill the fart-tainted void she was ejected from? Excitement plus!

2 ( +6 / -4 )

So what if she had an affair...its none of anyone's business but hers!

Exactly. But here, the media will throw you under the bus for not being perfect. And society didn't think her behavior (off camera, on her own time) was appropriate because she does kid's shows n' such.

Heck -in the US she would've become even more famous. Not shamed publicly.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I'm happy she is back. She is an inspiration to us all and a very smart young woman.

0 ( +3 / -3 )

And what about the other part of the equation' the one who actually committed adultery? Did he receive "punishment?"

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Oh joy!!! Becky is back!! The world will now be a much better place now!! No more wars, no more famine ! All rose petals and sunshine, let's all hold hands and rejoice to the return of Becky...

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Another stupendous non-event in Japanese history.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

I agree she should have been disciplined.........for having absolutely bad taste. As someone that famous, she was probably dating a hunk,......or so I thought. Imagine the horror when I actually saw the guy on TV. An absolutely useless, emasculated, below-averaged looking person with a mushroom-looking hairstyle. And having not come to her defence and even hiding the fact he was just married, he has the mentality to suit. Girl, get yourself some self-pride!

2 ( +4 / -2 )

In other places, she'd be on late-night TV pushing "As Seen On TV" products instead - probably beauty products.

In other places, she wouldn't have been on TV in the first place. And we could have all had a few more minutes' peace and quiet.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

She already came back on one of those SMAP shows like 1 or 2 months ago admitting she was a homewrecker. She gets all of the news while many male celebs here cheat and go about their daily lives.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Peurile garbage. A fake no-talent "talent" grubbing and crawling back to the money source. And to top it off, the "relationaship" is over even though the other moron is now divorced. Shes some piece of work. Okaeri!

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Guess she'll go back to kissing dogs on that animal show she used to appear on. But, hey, with all that money she's making I reckon it's okay for her to kiss a mutt ... and make it look like she really means it. After all, she is supposed to be an actress of some kind ... Money, money, money ... everybody associated with her is happy once again ...

Also, it was written in a Japanese-language scandal magazine that her studio is really working hard to make her reappearance as "good looking" as possible so as to re-win her fans' support.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

yep, its all so fake, and becky is super fake.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

No big surprise. We all knew she would be back after a brief hiatus. She paid her penance for doing a really bad thing (from the perspective of Kawatani's wife). Morals matter when you make your living based on your image in the entertainment industry and she paid but a small price. Life isn't fair, blah, blah, blah.... time to move on.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Repulsive talentless brat. Deserved all the abuse she got.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Once the tittle-tattle, finger-pointing, tut tutting and shaking of heads at every juicy little detail subsided, and then some other newer scandal caught people's attention, she is pretty much free to float up to the surface again.

I hope everyone enjoyed their frenzied bashing spree, although I suspect they have already forgotten it and learnt nothing in the process.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I am trying to decide if the consensus is that she was punished and paid her dues, or if it was just fun to kick someone around for a while on the basis of contrived rules invented to have someone to kick around, and its more fun to have someone new to kick around and they are bored with kicking Becky around now. I am sure both are prevalent modes of thought, I just don't which is more prevalent.

Of all of the ways Becky annoyed me, sleeping with a married man was not one of them. I suppose I should add to the list the concept of some people, especially women, feeling that public punishment for her actions is a way to help prevent their own SO from cheating, not that that would justify what was done to Becky either, which was unjust and not worthy of a decent society.

I will end with saying that even celebrities private lives should be protected from media reporting by law, unless of course all involved agree to publication (and generally they will, but still.)

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I suppose the storm in a teacup was because becky is so clearly not what she pretends to be. But, shes back pretending again now so alls well that ends well.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Wasted a grand opportunity/occasion to resign from media altogether and do something meaningful in life. She can afford to as she is enormously wealthy. Now we can probably expect to see a 42 year old Becky still on tv ten years from now.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

She can afford to as she is enormously wealthy.

Is she? Or are you just speculating?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

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