Tarantino strikes Cannes gold with 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood'

By Fiachra Gibbons, Deborah Cole and Hazel Ward

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Tarantino is one of the very few true geniuses I can think of. Even his bad movies are enjoyable, and his masterpieces at very influential.

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This does look interesting, with Tim Roth, Al Pacino and Kurt Russel (death proof) to boot. A little curious about his next project, an R-rated Star Trek flick.

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A little curious about his next project, an R-rated Star Trek flick.

He's only director, not writer. It'll be rated PG-13 and either really bad or really good.

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At least, I imagine the producers strip all of the "R-rated" content out of it, considering Star Trek is nothing but a cash grab for bad robot at this point...

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It'll be rated PG-13 and either really bad or really good.

Didn’t research enough to learn that it’s also an Abrams film (ugh) so there’s a high chance you’re right.

On a positive note, Shatner wants in on it too but under “one condition”, the writing has to be good. So if Shatner does end up in it, then I might just end my theatre boycott of Abrams Star Trek after their collapse of writing and acting in their second film.

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He used to watch classic Japanese samurai plus weird Japanese movies and HK action movies, Got hugely influenced by it. He loves Asian movies.

And this year, movie 'Parasite' will blown you away.

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The trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

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Tarrantino is a genius, he slowed his film releases lately due to Weinstein tarnishing his image as all of his films were distributed via Weinstein

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Interested to see this; Tarantino hasn't made a great film since Jacky Brown.

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I hope he makes more films with Samuel L Jackson again, his characters in all of Tarrantino films are always funny and on spot.

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Tarantino hasn't made a great film since Jacky Brown.

Whaaaa? I loved Hateful 8.

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Something original

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The blood-letting bizzaro world of Kill Bill has always had me cut and diced.

All Tarantino's cliches rolled into 1 (well sold as 2) wry saga.

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I saw pulp fiction when it came out in a cinema in Lyons France. The audience was stunned. Hopefully when I watch it in Japan it will be the same.. And I can pretend to be young again...

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Whaaaa? I loved Hateful 8.

I gotta agree. This movie was awesome. Jennifer Leigh, I think, deserves an Oscar. The whole scene with Kurt, Samuel, and Jennifer in the stagecoach was masterful.

" youuuuu gonnaaaa make a deaaal wiiiiith thaaaat diabolical ...itch" hahahaha!

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Gold ? The Jury has not even seen all the movies in competition. The prizes will be announced Saturday. .

not to give away the plot.

Don't tell us who did the slayings...

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And there are already those on the left whining, non-stop, about the amount of of dialogue by the Sharon Tate character. Apparently, it's not enough... and that is because the guy behind Kill-Bill despises female actresses.

Which may, or may not, affect his ability to "strike gold".

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