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Taylor Swift's 10th album 'Midnights' crashes Spotify


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So, Spotify was funny for a few minutes then was normal = Swift crashes Spotify. Clickbait headline used for more PR.

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@starpunk. Yeah, 'yawn' to comments like yours. I wonder why you bothered to read the article when you have no interest.

Good for her, to generate that kind of interest. Not my cup of tea, but always good to see the music biz alive and well.

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@ballsahoy - you're right - spotify was funny - ie crashed , albeit for a short time.

Using the term Crashed is perfectly correct. That's how it was reported across a number of news agencies.

And of course it's all "extra" publicity. That's the entertainment world. Splashing visages et al.

No one wants to read a headline "Taylor Swift's 10th album Midnights, didn't crash spotify" - lol. 

And I'm with theResident - I'm no Swiftie at all - but I do recognize skillful songwriting/producing by an artist even if the result leaves me flat.

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I'm not a fan of Swift, but the woman can definitely sing, she does have talent and she is a fantastic marketer without a doubt. She went from country to straddle the line and entered the pop world, and has mastered both genres extremely well. She knows how to milk and is the undisputed champ for sure, this crash just proved it.

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Taylor Swift is cool.

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