Taylor Swift arrives in Japan


U.S. singer-songwriter Taylor Swift arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday. Swift, 22, is here for a short visit to promote her latest album "Red." It is her 5th visit to Japan.

Carrying a guitar case, Swift chatted briefly to about 180 fans in the arrival lobby and signed autographs and posed for cell phone photos.

Released less than a month ago, "Red" is already approaching the 2.8 million album worldwide sales mark. After debuting with music’s highest first-week album sales in over a decade, "Red" is currently in its third consecutive week in the #1 position atop Billboard’s 200 top albums chart.

Swift will appear on some TV and radio shows before returning to Los Angeles on Saturday.

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"Swift will appear on some TV and radio shows before returning to Los Angeles on Saturday."

I haven't watched Japanese TV in a dog's age. Who's the flavor of the month, and will he/she embarrass him/herself and the nation by acting silly with Swift? My guess is Sugi-chan's popularity is pretty much shot by now.

Anyway, enjoy your stay, Swift!

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Welcome to Japan Taylor!

For all of you dads and moms living in Japan who have children eager to tune into Taylor while she is in Japan: it looks like she will be appearing on the talk show "Sukiri" on Friday, November 23 (スッキリ!!NTV 8:00 to 10:25, http://www.ntv.co.jp/sukkiri/), and on the InterFM segment "Saturday Sound Studio" on Saturday, November 24 http://www.interfm.co.jp/taylorswift/

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Welcome to Japan and hope her promotion of her album goes well!! Looking forward to watching her on TV

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Welcome to Japan!..I suppose..I'm sorry, who?

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Ohhh... I am a big fan of her. Love all her songs..wish I could meet her. Good Luck in Japan Taylor

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"I'm sorry, who?": comments like this are just annoying. ever hear of google?

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brknarmNOV. 22, 2012 - 10:38AM JST "I'm sorry, who?": comments like this are just annoying. ever hear of google?


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Word has it she'll be here long enough to meet a new guy, fall in love, get her heart broken, and write a song about it... all before she gets back on the plane!!

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She looks surprisingly nice and normal for a pop star.

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Never heard her sing, but she is pretty.

I hope she goes on one of Samma's shows.

Keep away from Beat Takeshi please.

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Taylor Swift is all good. Her style might not be for everybody, but she has real talent.

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Termed "America's girl next door", Damn, I wish she lived next door to me when I was in my 20's. She's mostly billed as a country artist but her songs have crossed over into the pops genre so much it's really hard to classify her. She draws huge crowds where ever she performs.

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More importantly - did her auto-tune unit arrive with her? Without out it that girl's singing is constantly off-pitch and out of tune.

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She's beautiful!....now if she could only sing....

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supermonk, LoL! Isn't that the basis of most country songs? Add a pickup truck and some whiskey to that and presto!...a country hit is born!

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she's cute, songs are cute.

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