Taylor Swift goes blank on social media, sending fans into frenzy


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Silence is golden

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Stay blank. But methinks not for long. Taylor doesnt want her fans to wake up.

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It's just show business - she's putting on a show

(It's like if ya own your own business - ya put on a show to keep your business pertinent)

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Taylor who?

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Swift. She was behind all that controversy about poor people. Tried to pass it off as a "modest proposal". Also bailed out of a royal gig at Brobdingnag. It was huge!

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TayTay???  Hiddleswift???  Got groped by some Midwestern DJ?  Has sung some ditties that have a bit of a following??  Bit rich??   

Yes, I wish that I didn't know any of this stuff too.

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It's all for publicity. Ask her agent.

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"I'm scared to go to sleep thanks to Taylor Swift like what if she drops a new song," tweeted an anxious fan called Anu using the handle @shadesoftaylor.

Darwinism at its finest. One of millions of reasons why Ms. Swift has finally done us a favor. Please don't stop there. Please take Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and all the other gormless, talentless, vacuous millenials with you and disappear for good.

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She just came out with a new album - it's all just promotion

That's showbiz

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