Taylor Swift hits out at 'excruciating' Ticketmaster tour chaos


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"Ticket Master is cancelling..."

Is there any way we can cancel Ticketmaster? Permanently?

There is no need for the scam that is Ticketmaster anymore. Artist and venues can sell the tickets directly without the “ middleman “ Ticketmaster getting involved and charging ridiculous fees for doing nothing.

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back in the day the 70s you would go to the auditorium concert hall stadium box offices buy tickets. if you could not get there a friend would get the tickets. of course there was scalpers who jack up the price. now we have ticketmaster instead

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First world problem. Being able to get concert tickets really isn't very important for all the other world issues.

I think the FTC is looking at the defacto monopoly that is ticketmaster. Breaking that up is long overdue.

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If Taylor Swift wants to do something about excessive demand, maybe she should take up residency at various locations in the world. Perhaps a two weeks stand or a one month stand? Or, a more lengthy stay if warranted. Then move on to the next venue. It would probably be easier on her and the crew than criss crossing the world in the same amount of time.

Addressing the way in which tickets are sold would also help. No one has any love for Ticketmaster.

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Japan Today, please fix your website.

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The ‘Eras’ Tour?

She’s hoping her Swifties aren’t much cop at cracking anagrams, one presumes.


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Don't be fooled, she is in on it!

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