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Taylor Swift is named Time magazine's person of the year


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Time's Person of the Year is about a person that captured the society zeitgeist - good or bad

In that sense, Taylor Swift definitely fits - when even economists and the US Federal Bank name-drop her due to her considerable effect on the local economy of any place she visits

Elon Musk and Putin were also in this year's shortlist (Putin was already a Person of the Year for 2007)

Hitler was a 1938 Person of the Year

An unscientific poll asked some people who they think would be Time's Person of 2023. After 11,299 votes, TODAY.com readers voted for:

43%: Taylor Swift

19%: Barbie

15%: Trump prosecutors

8%: King Charles III

6%: Hollywood Strikers

3%: Sam Altman

3%: Vladimir Putin

2%: Xi Jinping

1%: Jerome Powell

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Taylor Swift, Time magazine's person of the year

Clearly Time Magazine definition, Taylor Swift is a person that crosses all the "T's", dots all the "I's", societies role model for 2023.

Let view momentarily, the other side of the same coin, the people, the leaders, that have the potential, globally to change all our lives in a manner that will create profound change.

All for very different reasons, however just as overwhelming, intense, life changing.

The alternative Time Magazine persons of the year, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Ali Khamenei.

Taylor Swift, with respect, is inconsequential, yes significant for a world of Swifties , however, rather nugatory.

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Still, Taylor Swift? Pathetic and scrapings of the barrel.

I disagree, the woman is an absolute genius for her generation, maybe it’s not what you like to listen to, but the fact of the matter is, the woman is a behemoth of a money-making machine.

Sings, composes arranges her music, knows the business in and out.

Music Industry Influence: Taylor Swift is a powerhouse in the music industry, with numerous chart-topping albums and singles. Her ability to consistently produce hit songs has solidified her as one of the most influential figures in contemporary music. Business Acumen: Swift is not only a talented artist but also a savvy businesswoman. Her strategic decisions, such as re-recording her early albums to regain control of her masters, showcase her understanding of the industry and her commitment to maintaining ownership of her work. Brand Endorsements: Beyond music, Taylor Swift has successfully expanded her influence through brand endorsements. She has collaborated with major companies, enhancing her global presence and contributing to her status as a powerful and marketable figure. Social Media Presence: Swift's engagement with her massive fan base on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram is notable. Her ability to connect directly with fans and share personal insights has contributed to her strong and loyal following. Advocacy and Activism: Taylor Swift has used her platform to advocate for various social and political issues. From supporting LGBTQ+ rights to encouraging voter registration, her activism extends beyond music, making her a prominent voice on important societal matters.

Plus, Taylor Swift has sold over 200 million records globally, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Think about it, Swift’s decision to initially withhold her music from streaming services and later return with exclusive releases contributed to changes in how artists approach streaming platforms, sparking industry-wide discussions, that just blew her out of the water and now she’s a multi-billionaire!

There are more deserving candidates who made more of an impact than that.

Well, that’s just a matter of personal preference, but she didn’t become a mega-success by being nothing.

People said the same thing about Rush when they initially got signed in the early years, the woman will be around for a very long time. Good for her, she deserves it. Now she can give Ye, a run for his money.

Hopefully soon people will grow up and start listening to real music, not just gawk at a lip-synching leggy 'doll' who always has her big yap open ready for wasps to come in and build a nest in it.

Well, you can’t say that, that’s your personal opinion, I mean, I don’t like her music, not my taste, not a fan, but to 150 million Gen Z and Millennials she’s a mega-hit, my kids think she’s a goddess, that’s ok. You have to understand this generation does not care about the writing or derangement or time that goes to make a great guitar, solo drum solo or detailed intricate subtleties, it takes too long to write, produce and practice, it’s easier to use auto and to use synth and rehash old beats to make new music or to incorporate it with traditional music and that’s ok, because that’s just how the market is trending.

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She donated $50 million to her roadies and truck drivers after her last tour. Serious life changing money for most of them. She didn't have too. Maybe the world needs more people like her.

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She is a great singer.

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The Time Picture of the Year is for a person who had great influence, not others. Swift certainly influenced tens of millions of fans. Would have chosen her, probably not.

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What a joke.

Forget all the truly heroic mothers, school teachers, nursing staff, doctors, aged care workers, emergency workers, etc.....The person of the Year is....Taylor Swift!

-1 ( +5 / -6 )

You don't have to be 'good' at or for anything to get this designation.

I remember when TIME designated Ruhollah Khomeini the 1979 Man of the Year. He was not good, just a religious fanatic terror monger tyrant. In 1982 it was 'The Personal Computer'.

Still, Taylor Swift? Pathetic and scrapings of the barrel. There are more deserving candidates who made more of an impact than that.

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I normally don't really think much of Swift above her commercial success and how a lot of people like her songs and find them inspiring.

But looking at how this news made a lot of despicable people react with literal fury against her made me think that maybe she represents something actually positive.

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If those are the values and criteria for choosing the "person of the year." So this world is a pathetic and decadent farce..

Seriously, this is soooo pathetic.

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Wow, that’s the best we could do…well, there’s always NEXT year if Putin or Lil’ Kim doesn’t blow us all up.

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