Taylor Swift-label feud underscores tensions over music ownership


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Or she will be punished? She can punish me if she likes.

I cannot believe how much musicians and actors/actresses are owned. Absurd. No life.

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Taylor Swift has tapped her millions-strong social media fan base to pressure the heads of her former label, who she says are wielding "tyrannical control" over her music.

No. He owns her music. Period. Whining about it is not the same as paying for ownership. But hey, haters gunna hate hate hate!

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Here is the rub, when artists\bands start out no one knows if they will make it or not MANY DONT!

So recording companies naturally try to cover their risks, who wouldn't!

I mean IF TS didn't sign & tried to do it on her own fast forward to today & she may have NEVER existed in the pop music world, she has done incredible well & with a TON of help early on, now she just wants to reneg on the deal!!

AND in fact it seems that she DID in fact cut a pretty good deal for HERSELF seeing as she will be able to take ownership form next year!

STOP whinning & get on with it!

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No need to use all capital letters for some words.

The issue Taylor Swift seems, I suggest Intentionally oblivious to/of, is the fact the music business is first and foremost a business.

The celebrity factor is irrelevant laterally if you signed a contract.

You have to swallow the consequences.

Agree no point in whining later.

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This summer Swift began publicly sparring with industry mogul Scooter Braun over his company's purchase of her previous label of a decade, which gave him a majority stake in the master recordings of her first six albums.

Swift vowed to regain command of those albums by making her own new masters, which she says she's contractually allowed to start on in November 2020.

"Basically, be a good little girl and shut up," she wrote in her post.

No be smart little girl and stop complaining like spoilt little child, Swift gets ownership again in November 2020 wait until then

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I saw it all the time, artists that would do anything to get famous and signed anything put in front of them then complain about what they signed.... Sure it is unfair, but did you know there are 999 other girls that didn't make it and had the same investment put into them. Label's make millions from one artist because they lose millions on failed artists you have never heard of as they never made it.

When I worked in music I told artists not to expect any money from your 2-3 albums because the label will be recouping their investment. Artists make their money on tour and then if they are still around after 5-10 years can make their own music an money.

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Taylor Swift will soon, like so many her age,l do the Temper Dance if does not get her way.

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Amazing. Her father is a stock broker or was and she's well trained in business and how that world works and she let someone else have her copyrights I find very strange. Are her music sales lagging and going public might help bring them back.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the person who wrote the song owns the copyright to it

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