Taylor Swift pulls out of Melbourne Cup gig

By Johannes EISELE

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Swift should already have values and convictions that she uses to guide herself by rather than having her mob rules fan club pushing and pulling her in what to do.

She should have thought about this before making her promise to perform and apologize to the organizers for backing out.

I don't like Taylor Swift but I do support more humane treatment of animals though.

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And who many complaining about cruelty to race horses did so while eating a hamburger and feeding their dogs chow laced with horse meat? What we have here is a massive serving of selective vision with hypocrisy for dessert.

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There’s plenty of local talent in Melbourne who can take her place

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There’s plenty of local talent in Melbourne who can take her place.

Sure there are,but they don't move the needle globally that people would take an interest in the Melbourne Cup.

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