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Taylor Swift ticket trouble could drive political engagement


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There is a certain amount of throwing of toys out of prams here.

Swift appears to have far more fans than she can perform in front of on a tour. So some people aren't going to get tickets.

Anyone that popular will probably bring down a server. Welcome to reality. They could have divided the tickets into 26 lots apportioned according to surname initial ratios and offered tickets across 26 days. They could have had a lottery. But whatever they did, quite a lot of people would not have got tickets. Take down Ticketmaster and you'll just experience the same issue through a replacement service.

Having the cash and the desire for something doesn't mean you can have it, if it is in short supply. We are already experiencing that in UK supermarkets. No tissues or teacakes today.

Being American and comfortably off, they are reaching for lawyers. Maybe a few extra tour dates would help. Will they sue Swift until she adds enough to sing for all of her US fans?

quote: 10-15 years’ experience of being bullied for liking the singer.

Try life as a male, Western fan of G46/8 groups. Maybe I need a team of lawyers to chase up all those online comments. The cash would come in handy.

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So Taylor Swift is the next Teddy Roosevelt?

It's possible I guess.

This article is WAY WAY off about the issue. Ticketmaster assured Swift before the sale started that everything would go smooth. Ticketmaster destroyed Pearl Jam. The ""Yes we can" Obama turned out to be "oops, we tried, my bad".

The article seems more like a gobbledegook filled diversion to direct the reader away from the word "monopoly". Ticketmaster is evil.

invalid CSRF

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Swift herself said the ordeal “really pisses her off.”

If those are, as claimed, Taylor Swift’s own words, then who is the “her”? Her mother?


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That’s a powerful political motivator, researchers say.

So whose fault is it?

republicans? Strange cause AOC is telling fans to complain to the Biden DOJ.

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The political issue should be the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Was that detrimental to competition? How come that's not mentioned here, but AOC is?

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So whose fault is it? 

republicans? Strange cause AOC is telling fans to complain to the Biden DOJ.

Is there another DOJ you know about? How about the Tennessee SAG, what’s his angle?

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I come to Japan Today to get my Taylor Swift news.

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