Taylor Swift to appear on NHK program 'Songs'


American pop idol Taylor Swift, 24, who was in Japan last week, will appear on NHK’s hit music television show “Songs” on Nov 29.

Swift has become popular in Japan this year, providing the theme song for the popular Fuji TV program "Terrace House."

The singer's new single “Blank Space” will be released in Japan very soon.

During Swift's visit to Japan last week, self-proclaimed Taylor Swift fan, 25-year-old actress Riisa Naka, chatted with her and said she was the fashion idol of every Japanese girl. “Your style is always pitch perfect,” Naka said.

Swift will be back in Japan next spring for two concert dates May 5 and 6 at Tokyo Dome.

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Darn, missed it!!! Imagine the pearls of wisdom that were dropped between Taylor and Riisa.

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My wife loved Terrace House, but the last episode was on a month or two back. I just asked, and she says it was definitely the last episode. So how did this announcement happen on Terrace House on Monday? Is this show still on, or is this a mistake in the article? Anyone know?

Moderator: It is a mistake which has been corrected.

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and Taxpayers has to pay for her talent fee by sending annoying collectors to your home.... Thanks Taylor Swift! ;-)

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I didn't watch that TV program. I was shocked but it will broadcast again in December 18th in midnight. Watch it! I think taylor fashion is good. I often watch taylor's blog, instagram to learn about it. I like her very much! I think she will play an active part from now on. I want go to her concert ^^

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