Taylor Swift wins big at American Music Awards; nothing for Bieber


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Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber left empty-handed

Could have been an attitude thing that brought him no awards.

Nice to hear about Swift and Katy

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Good on Swift. She deserves it. As for Bieber, perhaps he won nothing because he's a talentless hack?

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teen sensation Justin Bieber left empty-handed.

No talent, no award

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i live in nashville. it is a known fact that taylor swift cannot sing. in the music community, of which i am a part, it has become an ongoing joke. yes, she appears to be a great writer, but singing????.... its amazing its continued this long. maybe this is an indicator of how diminished our collective musical intelligence has become. also i should add, she is not the first to pull this off. justin beiber can sing, taylor swift cannot.

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i live in nashville. it is a known fact that taylor swift cannot sing.

Since when has that been a requirement?

Swift won Best Female Artist and Best Album for “Speak Now” in the country music category

It wasn't the best singer category, so I guess that's OK.

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ive never quite understood this craziness around taylor swift... i certainly dont hate her by any means, but she doesnt have the greatest voice, her lyrics (though relatable for 13 year old girls) arent the most creative, her tunes are catchy but by no means 'genius', rather it seems her only redeeming quality is that she's... nice.

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So its confirmed American music is no better than Japanese-right now.

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As for Bieber, perhaps he won nothing because he's a talentless hack

I am by no means a JB fan, but I don't see how you can say that.

He CAN sing (albeit crappy pop songs), he's a great dancer, and he is clever. Someone with no talent doesn't get THAT far.

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Kudos to Taylor Swift. Not a fan of her music, but from what I've read, she's got a good head on her shoulders and very down to earth. I hope she doesn't let the money, fame and fortune turn her into another Paris and Britney.

As for JB? Maybe if he changed that hair style, he might have won something. He reminds me of a young Donald Trump with that thing on his head.

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If MTV had never been invented, we might have a lot more worthwhile music these days. I'm sure Taylor Swift is a perfectly nice young lady. But if you can't sing, you can't sing. Being pretty shouldn't be enough.

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J-Lo is pretty hot for her age. Did you any of you see how see tried to make her ex-hubby jealous? She brought her new lover on stage with her, then she grinded her legendary bottom all up over PitBull. Then later in the show her ex-hubby Marc Anthony had to do a presentation with the guy.

Did I say how hot J-Lo was? That body tone stocking she wear was hotness. J-Lo was pretty hot. Gosh how many times have I said that already?

As for Justin Beiber, we had better support him. A little something in Congress right now called S.O.P.A which directly affects Justin Beiber might land him in jail. It's going to hurt the Internet worldwide. Hopefully JT will talk about that BEFORE it's too late.

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@Bogi "He can sing and dance and he's clever" 1) there are thousands of great singers and they don't look like a whimpy looking "girly man" 2) if I want to see dancing I'll watch Dancing with the Stars 3) leave clever to magicians

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Swift is lovely. Other than that, I don't know a solid thing about her. The niceness does seem like a thin veneer and front of a southern "lady" that I have seen a million times. Can't be sure though, and can't really be bothered to scratch that surface. If I wanted to listen to country western music, I would jump in my time machine, go back 20 years, and listen to some pop rock. Country is the ultimate music recycling machine.

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I would prefer that we use the nickname JBaby rather than JB. That is too close to comfort for us 70s funk fans. Catfish, Bootsy and the band breaking bread and riding the monorail after their gigs backing up the one and only JB: James Brown!

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@Torafusu: Bootsy's still bringing the funk! Look him up on Facebook.

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"Nothing for Bieber..." now that's a surprise. (refer your sarcasm 101 textbooks friends)

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haven't the Bieber fans stormed the AMA'S yet?

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Nothing for Bieber

And that's the wat it should be.

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Her career did take off since that orchestrated mic snatch from Kanye West at the MTV awards in the past (it was all orchestrated) .

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A. I don't care about race.. especially when it comes to good music REGARDLESS of race..

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What makes a good musician, is the message in the lyrics, being entertaining, has a good beat and rhythm.. REGARDLESS of race.. Taylor may look nice, some of her songs are ok, but the rest are mediocre repeated phrases that is just plain boring.. and also a good business model for recoding studios. The way they work is by making a tear jerker of a love song, that may resonate into the masses.. yet listening to repeated boring phrases is hardly entertaining yet alone talent.. considering someone has written her lyrics for her.. hence lack of creativity (although most singers lyrics are written by someone else, the good ones obviously outshine the dull repetitive crap)

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