Taylor Swift world's highest paid celebrity: Forbes


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Good for her. Capitalism at its best. Hope she does not use pain killers.

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Look at me, I have a large family to feed and I couldn't even make half of one-thousandth of what she made and the little I make the gov't takes most of it through taxes. She can afford to buy a corporate jet and pay cash while I can't even afford to buy strawberry and cherry for my kid. Oh blessed God, what did I do to merit this.

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Oh blessed God, what did I do to merit this.

Have children without first securing a good salary?

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Totally overrated, there are way to many better performers...but seems like is what the masses wants.

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I hope after she's gone full circle with her pop success (congrats TS), she will go back to her roots. Pick up an acoustic guitar and write some country songs.

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@tony exactly it always baffles me that people think that they can have a large family but not have enough money to support them. even tribes throughout the world only have enough children they can supply enough food to feed, otherwise everybody starves.

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Tony Alderman Have children without first securing a good salary?

Judging from your statement, I guess you don't have a family here that you have to provide for, nor have any responsibilities. It is utter nonsense to say you secure a good salary before you start a family and how do you do that ? And how much will you classify as good salary to begin with ? How much would a young couple in their early twenties have to earn before they can start having kids ? If that was the case people will not be having children or will be having them in their late thirties and early fortys or not having at all and the low birth rate will even be worst than it is now as the unmarried are taxed even more. Salary is relative, you can have an annual income of 10 million yen, which looks like good salary but for a family 5 here in Japan depending on the age of your children, you would struggle to maintain a decent standard of living except you don't aspire to live well.

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Yet she is one of the whineiest about a) how underpaid she is and b) why women aren't paid enough in the industry. As expected.

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