Techno pioneer Mills says electro music now 'too middle class'


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He's probably right about the middle class thing regarding EDM, though its funny to hear a "middle class" accusation come from someone whose records always had philosophical blurb on the labels and who has been remaking techno tunes with an orchestra.

We had a golden age of techno in the 90s but it's long over. It'll be twenty five years since most of Mills' best tunes. He's a genuine great for his solo stuff, under all the aliases he used, but I don't think he was in UR itself that long. Pretty much all of the great UR tunes, Amazon, Hi Tech Jazz, Final Frontier, etc. are by Mad Mike.

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Grow up!

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The guy has a chip on his shoulder. And an overinflated ego as well.

Who is he to say who should or shouldn’t make music!?

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Is he or isn't he correct.

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Say it as it is man, many won't like it, but hey who cares

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