The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
one beat, one world: connecting through the drum concert

The best concert you missed out on seeing this year


The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra put on an amazing concert on Oct 14 at the West Kowloon Cultural District, the vibrant cultural landmark of Hong Kong. Did you miss out on your chance to watch it live?

Thankfully, the entire concert was live-streamed and recorded so you can experience the event as if you were really there.


The Hong Kong Drum Festival 20th Anniversary Special

For the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Drum Festival, the Cultural Ambassador of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, which has performed not just in Japan but all over the world, put on a show you’ll have to see to truly enjoy.



The performance combined drum music from all around the world including Dori from Korea, Azaguno from Africa, Abbos Group from Uzbekistan, Anthony Fernandes from the U.S., Shanxi Jiangzhou Drum Troupe from Mainland China, GEKKO from Hong Kong and the renowned taiko virtuoso, Yosuke, from Japan.


A second chance to watch the full performance

Click the video below to watch the entire performance and be sure to check out the 0rchestra’s official site for the next concert and the GaijinPot Instagram page for our favorite clips from the concert.

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I’m going to miss it next year too, and probably the years after that

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So far I have watched half of the about 2-hour video. Impressive drumming.

0 ( +3 / -3 ) the opportunity for some free Boyonce ticket at the theater,I am not really interested,but I am spread the word for the theater manager,I know

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Good for Chinese culture...

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Can you tell he about this artist 'Boyonce' please Yrral. Interested.

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