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Well, I for one don't really care about box office ratings, or the reviews of other people for that matter. Black Panther ended up being one of the most disappointing movies of all time. Unoriginal, occasionally convoluted, and it didn't seem capable of deciding whether it was a comedy or something serious. Every plot point in the movie has been done, several times in some cases (usurping the throne has been done since the Ancient Greeks, for example, same with the notion of a super-advanced hidden civilization, which is usually the theory that springs to mind when people talk about Atlantis). Solo on the other hand proved to be one of the best Star Wars movies since the Original Trilogy, in my opinion. Certainly it was a drastic improvement over Force Awakens and Last Jedi, and the Prequel Trilogy for that matter.

I haven't seen Mortal Engines yet, but I'm sincerely looking forward to it. Peter Jackson has a way with movies that is becoming sorely under-appreciated these days, with people prefering recycled ideas and immature jokes instead. I'm interested in seeing Robin Hood as well, though it's not a high priority. I don't know if it could ever top the Kevin Costner version, but certainly it looks more interesting than some other adaptations of the story.

Every other movie on this list just doesn't interest me whatsoever. I am rather surprised to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom missing from here. That's been my favourite movie of the last 15-20 years, rather unusually for a Jurassic Park movie which, while still good, usually gets trumped by something else. Not so with Fallen Kingdom, for the time being anyway.

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Black Panther and A Quite Place: Good, not great

Incredibles 2: Very good--the baby-raccoon fight was epic

Solo: Well cast but a horrible script and totally lame execution.

Crazy Rich Asians: Turned it off after the first 10 mins. I don't like paeans to the 1% no matter their race

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Critics are interesting as much for what they get wrong as for what they get right. "Home Alone" was hated by critics, loved by audiences. I have never in my life laughed so much as I did while watching "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," which was panned by critics, and loved by audiences. The Japanese version of "Shall we Dance?" did poorly in Japan, but was loved in the West.

My take on critics is that they usually, but not always, get it right. When they like something that I haven't heard of, I take another look at it. When they dislike something that sounds good to me, whether because of the actors, the director, writer, or subject matter, I still take a look at it.

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Black Panther sucked.

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Black Panther sucked.

No, Black Panther pretty obviously didn't "suck" - I really hate that particularly lazy Americanism - it was far too successful and too many people did like it for it to "suck". So would you care to exercise your opinion a little further and expand your thoughts on the movie? If you have genuine gripes, I'd like to hear them...

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“A Quiet Place” sequel is one I welcome as I felt it ended a bit short of where I wanted it go. Most of the sequels these days are worthless.

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I particularly liked the bit where people almost stepped on the nail on the stair, real horror !

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I don’t usually go to the movies but I made an exception for “Bohemian Rhapsody “. I enjoyed it immensely and found it a wonderfully entertaining film.

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That Robin Hood looks awful. But then, I'm biased - for me, Robin of Sherwood (Michael Praed/Jason Connery) is still the best adaptation.

For me, Roma is probably the best release this year in terms of artistic vision, cinematography and wonderful acting (especially from newcomer Yalitza Aparicio).

As for blockbusters, I'd go for Avengers Infinity War. Very entertaining and a great ensemble.

For animated fare, I'd say Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs just pips Incredibles 2 to the post. The former is so beautifully rendered.

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Crazy rich: Very good.

Incredibles 2: Dry as ...

Black Panther will get round to it.But would be a hit.

The failures are the same ol',same ol regurgitated themes. Star Wars and Robin Hood? They've been played out from time.

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Crazy Rich Asians was fun, a typical romcom, though with a crazy rich Asian twist. I enjoyed it, although I'd usually give these movies a pass, I just watched this one because it had relevance to me.

Black Panther didn't do it for me.

I just watched The Happytime Murders tonight. I'm not surprised it bombed, but that said, I enjoyed it. It was never going to be a hit though. I think they thought they'd get more mileage out of the whole Muppet thing.

I liked Solo, regardless of what everyone said. I thought it was a fun adventure, and the guy who played Solo did it well. They screwed up on their timing though. They should have stuck with December openings. I think if it had opened a week or two ago, it would have fared much better.

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