The resurrection of Arnold: Schwarzenegger's 3rd act


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I just read his biography "Total Recall: My unbelievable true life story" I really wish my parents though you need earn the things with workout, he is not a perfect person he has his own flaws like everybody else. But hope the best for him!

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He may be bragging at the beginning of this article, but it is well-deserved bragging, and he owns the rights!

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" He’s hoping to make sequels to “Twins” and “Conan the Barbarian.”

Oh no...

"In “Maggie,” which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, he tries his most dramatic acting yet, playing a father whose teenage daughter (Abigail Breslin) has been infected by a disease that will turn her into a zombie within weeks."

I know a bunch of people who have been infected with this disease...

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He is lucky to be a man too. Men can get away with a scandal like his and bounce back quickly. If a woman actress did the same thing, she would never be seen again.

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Love his movies. I don't usually read the gossip that surrounds celebs. I'm not up with the scandals that have been alluded to except the affair... he is an actor. What I do remember is the constant belittlement he received from the press (in Australia anyway) at the time of Conan and Terminator: "He can't string two words together" etc. The fact that English wasn't his first language and his roles didn't call for Shakespearean soliloquys didn't seem to deter them from their attacks. I think he is a great success story. Who would have thought he would become the Governor of California?

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He is lucky to be a man too. Men can get away with a scandal like his and bounce back quickly. If a woman actress did the same thing, she would never be seen again.

With the free wheeling moral standards of today's Hollywood (and in America overall), this assertion no longer holds true. Times have changed. Women are just as likely to get away with affairs, drug use, and generally distasteful behavior as a man these days. As long as you buy in to and believe the things that you are supposed to - of course.

Arnold certainly worked hard and proved that it's possible to achieve a great deal in life through hard work.

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Conan the Septuaganarian? a lot of his movies are good because his acting is so wooden and the one liners are said with a touch of self awareness as to their silliness. Plus muscles. Still, can't deny he has been entertaining.

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Conan the Barbarian was a great flick. Almost made me want to go to the gym. The first two Terminator movies and the first Predator movie were entertaining too. Even the Expendables gives me a bit of a laugh when they all joke about the old days! Looking forward to the new Conan and Terminator movies.

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Some trailers can be shy about revealing particular specifics, but not this new 'pay off' teaser from Terminator Genisys. As the May perhaps problem of Empire revealed, there's a total new Terminator in this movie, and this is the trailer reveals what it does - and which actor (or actress) performs it. I Love it http://goo.gl/SYvb0o

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