The show must go on, unless North Korean divas say otherwise


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Those young women wouldn't look out-of-place in a Robert Palmer video.

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Apparently what happened was Beijing requested they alter the lyrics to their songs and not exult Kim Jong-un (by implication) as something greater than the Chinese leaders

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At least, N.K. knows sex sell, and with million minion soldiers at his disposal; no one call this "Pimp Un's show" !!!!

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“We have entered our prime in these rewarding times, there is nothing that we cannot do. Let’s run toward the future. A new century is calling for us,” go the lyrics to one of the songs the band was scheduled to sing, “Dash Toward the Future.” ‘‘Let’s build our land into a rich country and paradise, let’s use these times to educate ourselves, staying up all night learning, creating new miracles through invention and accomplishments.”

"Working for the Self-defense Forces presents boundless dreams - like the earth, ocean and the sea," says Haruka Shimazaki of the all-girl group AKB48 in a new 30-second commercial distributed by the Defense Ministry.

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Those are not mini skirts. Those are nurses' outfits.

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Pretty sad looking and sterile group, and those creepy soldiers standing behind them really must put them at ease,. Not.

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They look hot in those uniforms....without the furry hats though!

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and those creepy soldiers standing behind them really must put them at ease,. Not.

At least these performers have back-up if "islamic terrorists" ever tried to shoot up their concertgoers.

Who knows, the way radicals "keep" making their way into western countries, creepy armed soldiers might just need to be posted near the stage.

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Pretty sure the divas had no say in whether the show would go on or not.

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