'The Simpsons' renewed through historic season 30


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'The Simpsons' has sucked for more years than I care to remember. Who watches this tripe ? The lines the characters are made to say are so cringeworthy you feel embarrassed both for the voice actors and the characters they play. Spare us !

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Yeah, it's not like it once was. The first few seasons, particularly when Conan O'Brien was one of the writers, are the best.

That said, I still watch it periodically .

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In all those years, they never made a Krusty doll. Odd. My friend, used to work with Matt Groenig (sp?) in an L.A. record store. I'd love to get them together...

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Ex-cell-ent !

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Dude...it was that way when I got to Japan.

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@people who commented above as it sucks! If you feel so, then you shouldn't watch it. If you don't watch it then you have no right to say that it sucks because you didn't watch it! Furthermore, there are millions of people out there who like it or love it therefore it's going to hit that 30 season mark! Oh by the way, if you really feel that it's not good enough then why bother reading this article and commenting on it...seems like you've wasted 3 valuable minutes of your life...

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As long as it keeps coming on, I'll keep watching it.

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The show that made FOX what it is today!

There is some commentary for you, and if you look at it a little bit deeper, you can realize that Jon Stewart never would have been a big deal if it were not for South Park.

America has gone from entertainment to political entertainment to politics AS entertainment. Soon, we will have come full circle.

Look for Homer Simpson vs. Eric Cartman for the presidency in 2020.

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Mike H, this isn't MikeHNews.com. People can generally express their own opinions as long as they don't violate Japan Today's user guidelines. It's a wonderful world with MANY opinions, and not all of them will agree with yours. So don't have a cow, man.

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Generally I do like the show. Yes, some episodes are better than others, but that is true of most episodic television. For me, the annual Tree House of Horror episodes are the Simpsons at their best.

"Flanders is the Devil?!"

"It's always the one you lest expect."

Two more seasons? -- I'm onboard, All the Way.

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