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The slasher in middle age: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' hits 50

By Moisés ÁVILA

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I used to think that Leatherface and Ed Gein were the reasons why Texas has open carry.

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"It's become part of the modern nomenclature. It's as American as apple pie."

Just not the kind of apple pie that grandma made.


"To this day, there's still not another movie like 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'," said Ronnie Hobbs of Gun Interactive, which launched a video game based on the film last year. "Even the sequels and none of the remakes can capture that grittiness and that uncomfortableness of the original."

The original will always be the original but the 2003 remake is one of my favorite horror films.

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Toxic culture, no thanks..

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I was honestly surprised by how good The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was when I first watched it. I went in expecting a silly, dated slasher but it’s more like an arthouse film.

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Not a big fan of horror movies. But this one is special. The only movie I've ever watched and after doing so was afraid to walk home at night the three blocks from the theatre to my house.

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No issue with horror, Alien, Psycho, The Exorcist directors cut, The Ring Japan version, The Shinning, The Thing....

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre come over like a video nasty

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Yes, really a groundbreaking horror movie...it was then even on the very black list in my home country, so it made also adults wild and curious to get a hidden copy somehow.

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Agree. It was low budget but it definitely had an arthouse feel to it thanks to Hooper. Those scenes with 'grandpa' were creepy and hilarious at the same time.

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The Evil dead is a spoof comedy.

The Cabin in the Woods a giggle between seriously shudder gore.

The Menu, I struggle to enjoy my favourite hamburger cheese.

Who can forget American Psycho.?

Get out!....wow wonderful jaw dropping stuff.

The Stepford Wives 1972....

All sneak up on you,

Black Christmas?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has its place, I suggest will never shake off its video nasty genre.

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I don’t think it is that famous in Japan. In Japan people prefer the movie called Jason for American horror. But it isn’t as good as Japanese horror, which is very popular around the world. Hollywood even tries to remake them.

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But it isn’t as good as Japanese horror

Maybe 20 some years ago with movies like ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge’ but modern American horror has surpassed Japanese horror by a long shot in my opinion. A24 has been putting out an insane amount of ground breaking horror movies recently that I haven’t seen Japanese horror movies able to contend with.

I could be wrong though. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe I’ve missed them.

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