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The Thai boys' love TV dramas conquering Asia

By Sarah Lai and Watsamon Tri-yasakda

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Good on 'em. One thing nice about Thailand is the open variety of genders and couples. Not just India, Indonesia and Malaysia, there are plenty in conservative western countries who would be apoplectic about this, especially the advocating gender and marriage equality bit. It's promoting their bugbear of wokeness.

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Interesting. Wonder where straight males fit in this genre. Just read about a man in Pakistan who was arrested for opening a gay bar where at most kissing was permitted.

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 Wonder where straight males fit in this genre

Not sure, but I once got to see a parade by The Lady Boys of Bangkok in Edinburgh. I started to question my sexual preferences. :-)


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I'm not really into BL. More into BLTs.

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As long as they can accept me, I guess I can accept them. Not my cup of tea, but so what?

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Time to stop pushing this agenda and not bang on about sexuality anymore, it’s tiresome.

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