The Zen of Bill: Q&A with Bill Murray


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Dear Bill. he is a love.

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Bill's best role was as Bob Harris in Lost in Translation:

Bob: "For relaxing times, make it Suntory Times."

Cameraman: "You know Loger Moore?"

Bob: "Roger Moore? OK, I always think of Sean Connery. Didn't you get the Sean Connery one over here?"

Cameraman: "No, Loger Moore."

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HAh yeah Lost in Translation was great but not his best. He made too many good movies. His cameo in Zombieland was hilarious btw.

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my favorite murray movie is groundhogs day. great comedy without being too sentimental. and i hope he's in the reboot of ghostbusters.

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He's hard to pin down, but you gotta admire an actor who shuns the bread and goes for quirky.

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Love him, love him, love him. Favorite is Rushmore, but there are so many great roles. Groundhog Day for sure, Scrooged. I even saw him in Razor's Edge, a serious role long before that was thought possible.

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"Army training sir!"

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I hope I'm 1% as cool as him when I'm an old geezer.

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Come on, Bill Murray's best and funniest movie was 'Caddyshack' where he played Carl the groundskeeper. 'Stripes' was also pretty good too. Caddyshack probably dates most people on this site though, made way back in 1980.

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Caddyshack is my favorite from his early career and Lost in Translation as far as he has done not just playing screwball comedy. Either way, I would love to play around of Golf with him after reading "Cinderella Story" several years ago.

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Stay Cool.

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