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They are TV's ghosts — networks that somehow survive with little reason to watch them anymore


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Except for sports, all the networks are "ghost networks" with very few people under the age of 60 ever tuning in.

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Let's face it. TV's on the way out.

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American television programming is not worth watching...

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American television programming is not worth watching...

The best TV in the world is still coming from America.

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American television programming is not worth watching...

No other country on earth has produced something even close to being as good as The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or True Detective season 1

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Young sheldon is not reruns, big bang is. Those shows I like. Pawn stars (and the generic Quest version) for 5 hours straight are mind numbing and filled with expletives and violence expected from Jerry springer, not a find the price of antiques show.

I'm mostly a youtube watcher, but i enjoy a few reruns of some old shows on the telly. Wish disney and paramount would just offer their app for free and pay for it through ads like YouTube does. Dont want to pay for just a few shows, especially when I have a demanding job.

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The streaming companies will have to stop operating under VC rules soon and turn a regular profit. They will start to behave more like broadcasters. Traditional broadcasters will make money by feeding the streamers. They will want to turn broadcasting off to save cash, moving to streaming. Get what you enjoy on DVD, so when it is not there any more, you can still watch it when you want.

The culture wars have done for the BBC. Their world class back catalogue doesn't meet their woke rules on content and their dramas are awful now. The kids their output is now aimed at don't watch broadcast TV so much. I've bailed and switched to Kdrama. Other family members prefer Scandidrama. The smaller channels are pulling in viewers with re-runs the main channels forbid themselves from running prime time. A new market for more traditional content will emerge.

The system is in transition. As governments place national borders around internet content, things may start to seem a bit more like they were. There will also be restrictions on foreign news sources. Nothing ever gets better, so don't expect much for the future.

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It will all end up like it always has. Commercials, fees, roll-over billing. . .the whole lot. Virtually nothing is free on the web. Someone found a way to make a nickel off of a site and now they want all they can grab. YouTube was once the greatest source for entertainment imaginable. Now, it's bargain price of $179.88 a year (with the convenient for them, a hoop jumping crap shoot for you roll-over). It all will become the same. Censor ridden drab shows for the once TV addicted to become addicted to something else. All for some big $$$.

I've been reading a lot of books lately.

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F Troop, the Munsters, the Rifleman,etc. bring ‘em all back!

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The best TV in the world is still coming from America.

Not even the best TV in America comes from America...

2 ( +5 / -3 )

The platforms are keeping hundreds of channels alive by forcing subscribers to swallow 90% of garbage in such a package.

i count all the 24hr news channels among the garbage.

twee or three times news a day is enough and anyway they have no “ news”. CNN spends 80 % of its time on the American elections, any day of the year. With bimbo self proclaimed “ experts”.

where is government stopping the platforms pushing channels down our throats ?

my tv only serves now as screen for my dvd’s.

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I stopped watching TV in 2011, best thing I ever did.

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Like CNN.

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