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Thousands honor Elvis Presley at Graceland vigil


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Elvis is still alive partying with Michael Jackson.

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@ Devil - former father/son-in-law no less!

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Rest in Peace, E !

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I remember that evening very well. I heard the news on Radio Luxembourg and told my then wife who was a big fan. Luxembourg played Elvis continually for the rest of the evening and she sat and listened to it; I had to go to the pub for my dinner.

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I can't make it to Graceland this year, so am planning to celebrate by buying 20 Big Macs and retiring to the bathroom.

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I remember that day. Earlier that month I had seen the musical 'Grease' and was looking through the program when the news came over the radio.

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Elvis was great. Like his music or not, he was massively influential. Even fat Elvis in his jump suit still sang his arse off.

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It was a somber night at Graceland where, in addition to the soul of The King himself, the souls of thousands of Elvis impersonators are also enshrined. Controversy erupted years ago when Graceland officials purposely also enshrined the souls of 14 Class A entertainment criminals who had been convicted of various offenses (bad hairdos, non-approved metal sunglasses, etc.). Some say the museum offers a skewed perspective on history, glossing over less flattering items such as zebra-print sofas and gold plated Cadillacs. Many members of the Elvis Fan Club attend the ceremony anyway, claiming it is their right to honor those who have kept the memory of The King alive. Former U.S. president George W. Bush and former Japanese prime minister Koizumi Junichiro did not attend, opting instead to send representatives with offerings.

Mod: Please, have a sense of humor for once. :-)

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RIP King!

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He is still my old time favorite. I grew up with Elvis whose voice is very unique . He can truly sing blues like southern Blacks. He is one of the greatest story teller in music ever.

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The King lives in my attic... with 23 eight tracks, 50 cassettes, 40 some CDs, and enough LPs to make a vinyl replica. Rock and Roll died with Elvis and ROCK died with L.S.

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