Three more women accuse Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct: Variety


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Men should not be offering young female coworkers a “ride home”

And women need a reality check if they don’t know what the guy’s intentions are.

Earth to women, if a guy invites you into a private space like a car or hotel room where it’ll be just the two of you, he’s not interested in a quiet game of chess.

Companies need stricter policies about men asking female coworkers for “private” meetings, it would benefit both men and women since it would both reduce harassment and reduce false accusations.

Either ban private meetings or require cameras with a mic., no more he said she said.

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I don't condone that type of behavior at all. But waiting 30 plus years to report something, come on now.

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I would think that any other time in the past 30 years all an accusation would bring is doubt, shame, and reprisals to the alleged victims. So, yeah, I get why so many of these dominoes are falling now.

I am happy that these are getting air time and hope my daughter begins her career in a much different culture because of all of these women putting themselves out there lately.

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