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Superstar singer Tina Turner dies at 83


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RIP Tina.

What a singer.

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Rest in power Auntie Entity!

Lording over the Thunderdome.

She had some acting chops to go along with that voice.

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C’mon, listen to her!

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I liked her pretty much, remembering her in mad Max 2. What a voice and life strength.

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Definitely a great singer before she left Ike and after him, the woman endured a lot throughout her life, suffered numerous tragedies, being abused, divorce, losing her son, needing a transplant, and throughout that she survived it all and pushed on. Great woman, she will be missed.


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You were a legend

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Another legendary singer is gone but her songs and smile stay forever.

RiP Tina!

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She was good in the Blues Brothers. First time I actually experienced her talent.

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Another legend gone.She was a big part of my 80s music memories and my dad had a ton of Ike & Tina records from the 60s and 70s.

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She was good in the Blues Brothers. First time I actually experienced her talent

Huh, I think that was Aretha Franklin.

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Tina lived the "full life" with a fairy-tale ending in Switzerland when love obviously had something to do with it. A human dynamo on stage who juiced up the audience with her powerful voice and dazzling smile. She was a legend in her lifetime and her star will continue to shine on in the firmament of popular music.

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The queen of Rock & Roll. A GOAT. Enjoyed several of her concerts.

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This woman went through hell and back and still managed to give us her all. We lost a legend today but I hope she's finally at peace. Her legacy will live on through her music. RIP.

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What a great legacy, but her great regret, no kids, seems she had broken heart last half of her life, cancer and life expectancy feeds off of such emotions & distress sadly.

We Need MORE such Global Citizens focused on making LIFE better for ALL versus Crazy Destabilization Chaos!

RIP and thank you Tina!

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She was simply the best.


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dagonToday  06:59 am JST

Rest in power Auntie Entity!

Lording over the Thunderdome.

She had some acting chops to go along with that voice.

I loved that movie, even as a villain she showed strong feminist power and could do just fine without that abusive Ike. Her music before that showed it as well but that movie and its songs cemented it for me.

After that she followed with 'Typical Male' where she put on a very skanky image and I lost interest. It turned me off. Maybe that's me. Still, there's no denying her importance and significance in rock'n'roll. RIP

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An inspiration and an icon. One of those you'd think could live forever. RIP.

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Tina had a hard and tough life but she was a survivor, no doubt about it. She had the gutsy 'tude of Lady Soul Aretha.

Icons like her as cited as inspiration for many singers but they seem to get the 'message' wrong because so many female singers (and I use the word loosely) are just plain awful.

There are some exceptions, however. Adele has been pretty well promising up to her most recent CD which I don't like. Too mush WAH and why in God's name did Adele use that wretched Autotune on a couple of tracks?

Tina was far better than that. When she sang, she was the real deal. What you saw is what you got, even if that bastard Ike slugged her before showtime. She was really into it, full throttle - heart and soul.

You want a clear example of one of Tina's best disciples? When I first heard the Aussie band DiVinyls on MTV (their huge hit 'I Touch Myself' comes to mind), I noticed that the cute redhead singer Christina Amphlett had a very Tina Turner-ish singing voice. The inspiration is very clear there, in a New Wave star.

Ironic and funny, isn't it?

Tina Turner inspired Christina Amphlett.

Tina inspired Christina.

Tina inspired Tina.

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she credited her emerging Buddhist faith in the mid-1970s with giving her a sense of strength and self-worth

Had a tough life but was a survivor, and of course it was her Buddhist practice which made her strong enough to confront life's trials and tribulations.


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So many memories. Dancing wildly to Nutbush City Limits at the youth club disco in the 1970s, getting to see her concert in Osaka in 1988, trying to sing her songs while driving the car. Thanks, Tina.

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Rest in peace legend.

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Tina turner was brought in by the Australian rugby league to be the face of their new advertising campaign.

Her ‘simply the best’ song & campaign over 5 years were credited with doubling the number of spectators attending games.

So she will be forever remembered in the rugby league circles of Australia

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It's good to know that she found the Love and happiness she craved for when she met Bach.

As has been said by many people already, Tina, you were Simply the Best.


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Sad news, Tina and I go back a long time.

It's all been said above, can't really add anything else.

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Rest in peace

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She sold out a concert at Rio de Janeiro with over 180,000 people - a record for a solo artist

RIP Tina

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Look at the 2nd picture in the gallery. I have very fond memories of that day in 1985. Live Aid, 'State of Shock'. First Mick takes off her (longer) skirt, and of course his shirt.

12 years later when I first saw the Rolling Stones he took his shirt off in the late September chill. Power for the course. When I saw the Stones again in late May 2015, he *didn't** *do that!

Funny how time flies. Everything's radically changed yet the memories are very strong as if it was just yesterday. And it's hard to believe that Tina was 83. I also remember hearing the Top 40 countdown on a San Francisco radio station and before playing Europe's Cold War classic 'The Final Countdown' the announcer stated that Tina already had three Top 40 hits by the time that Europe's singer was five years old. Do the math. She has a LONG and eventful life but she was a survivor and that counts big time. She bounced back bigger than ever after her split from Abusive Ike. What a career, what a life.

Enjoy Nirvana, TT.

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