TMZ: The 'merciless' news outlet slammed for scooping Kobe death


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You snooze you lose, not like Japan, America expect news in micro broadcast, they already got obituary of famous people that can be put together in minute, after a confirm death

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... people will always be fascinated with celebrities and Hollywood in general.

it,s all about who gets there first. like someone said; if they didn,t do it, somebody else would.

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Celebrity news is almost by definition merciless.  Paparazzi, gossip, fixation with their personal lives are all staples.  and celebs have to paly their part as the public's fixation with their doings is partially responsible for their fame and money.....

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I think TMZ just has longer fingers than the other newsies by having and paying many more eyes on the ground.

These other news sites would've shamelessly reported the news first had they gotten it before everyone else.

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Celebrity culture is awful. But it's also the reason he made so much money and a large private helicopter. A sign of a degraded culture - but those who benefit from it have to take the bad with the good. And there is a lot more good in it by far.

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If they didn't do it, somebody else would. Unfortunately celebrity news, even the bad news, is huge business.

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