To filmmaker Gibney, opioid crisis is 'Crime of the Century'


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So, informed by this, how far do you think Big Pharma would go to obtain a new revenue stream?

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These pharmaceutical companies are the new market dictators, after this pandemic they'll be more powerful than ever. And all for what? Greed

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The Sackler family and Purdue Pharma should be taken before a court for crimes against humanity.

That the opoid crisis exists along with the prohibition of many less harmful substances is also a crime the establishment will not address.

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Just one of many.

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We do actually need strong painkillers. We just don't need to be addicted to them. The nature of medical treatment in the US - private and corporate led - acted as a catalyst. Instead of stopping it, greed led too many of those involved to ignore the issues and continue profiting from it. We should not ignore the co-culpability of (ab)users of drugs, whether opioids, narcotics or tobacco. Having your doctor green light these drugs didn't help, but as adults we should all take responsibility for our own health. Only children can consider themselves entirely innocent victims in this.

This is just the beginning. There will be a fair few in the GMO industry that will have toyed with the idea of releasing a GE disease to decimate a staple food crop - bananas or rice. Their industry then don their superhero gear and offer a GM variety that is resistant to the new menace, claiming that they are the solution to world hunger and demanding the world's farmer all pay them for their products.

For Big Pharma, Covid is a road map. The ethics-free solution to their finances would be the adoption of bioterrorism to leverage a revenue stream. With their opioid game gone, all they need now is a GE virus - not too bad, but worse than flu. And fixed by a permanent subscription to their products.

Oh brave new world...

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