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Tokyo exhibition on South Korean drama 'Crash Landing on You' opens


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We’ve been watching this on Netflix and it’s awesome. It shows you life in North Korea and that ordinary people everywhere are actually the same. There are nice people, evil people, etc. just like anywhere else.

I read in a Japanese review that the life styles, clothes, dialogue, and overall atmosphere of North Korea have been very closely and accurately presented. Excellent series full of drama. Enjoy.

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I just happened to be in the line of sight of the telly, and nearly puked.

What were you expecting? It was a romantic drama series. I watched it and it was awesome as it and way better than overacting Japanese dramas.

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Yes, it employs actual actors who can actually act! My wife and I enjoyed it.

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We watched it. Well-made and fun to watch. Have no idea how accurate it is.

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I watched it. It is a drama, which should be unrealistic. The only realistic character to me was Cho Cheol-gang, the Lieutenant Commander in the North Korean Armed Forces' Security Bureau, who is the principal villain of the story, but I evaluate could survive in the real world. The others would not survive in a single day.

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Not seen it yet, but recommend the film JSA, about DPRK soldiers and their South Korean counterparts. Tense, thought provoking flick from 20 years back.

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So the exhibition will likely create crowds and potential clusters of COVID-19. Great!

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