Tokyo film festival to focus on homegrown movies


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As an avid viewer of sparse dialogue, high action Made In Japan movies, I`m in full support of this. They should be shown as much as possible.

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Should show the japanese "version" of Ted 2 the highly edited one made for kids.

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Phew! For a minute I thought it was only going to feature modern made garbage, but if it's filming classics like Kurosawa and old horror flicks (and some new ones), then it should be a lot of fun. There's pretty much nothing besides Kitano Takeshi that they could market from the current era of filmmakers here if they want to be taken as a serious international film festival.

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I concur, the movie industry in Japan is going downhill. Compared to South Korea where the quality of movies is a lot higher. Japan has what, 1 or 2 movies a year that really cut it, the rest is full with half-@ssed cg monsters and a paperthin plot.

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@papigiulio You haven't heard Hirokazu Koreeda, amazing movies from him. A couple of others like Mika Nishikawa, Shūichi Okita, Kenji Uchida, etc. You're missing out.

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