Tokyo International Film Festival unveils eco-logo


The organizing committee of the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) on Monday unveiled the logo for the event which will be held from Oct 18 to 26. The logo is based on “Green Earth,” symbolizing the festival’s commitment to the environment, and it goes with the newly-launched slogan “Action! for Earth,” said organizers.

"In recognition of the fact that we, as human beings, are responsible for protecting and preserving the global environment, 'Ecology' will be the theme of the 21st TIFF," the organizing committee said in a statement. "To symbolize our commitment to the environment, this year’s festival will feature a green carpet instead of the traditional red carpet, and the ecological theme will be reflected in a variety of programs during the festival, including a new award as well as various seminars and events."

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Just changing the die in your carpet does not make you eco-friendly. Are they going to use recycled paper in their catalog? Recycled paper in their posters? What else are they doing besides talking about it?

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More fake trendy marketing!

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God I'm sick of this phoney eco crap. Instead of advertising that you support helping the environment, try helping the environment.

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dye not die. Sorry.

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So how is TIFF going to be green? Are they going to stop inviting foreign celebrities so they can reduce the carbon footprint of the event?

Also there probably is not a green carpet big enough so they have to make a new one rather than recycle last years...

This is BS on so many levels!

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Market pandering at its best!

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Should interesting to go watch the movies at this festival.

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Maybe they'll recycle last years movies.

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