Tom Cruise heading to Cannes for 'Top Gun' sequel premiere


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the utterly unique and singular trace he is leaving on the history of cinema"

Well expressed

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Sequels, sequels, sequels...

Boooooored ??..

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Been waiting for this one!

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Poor Tom. Can’t catch a timely release with this film, especially given recent world events. The present situation also, unfortunately, delays the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow.

Best Wishes to all involved.

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Say what you want about Cruise, he is an excellent actor. Ever see him in "Tropic Thunder"?

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Tom is great in the action genre but yes, @Laguna, was surprisingly funny as Les Grossman (Harvey Weinstein) in *Tropic Thunder. -** ***It’s definitely another film that could not be remade today:* ***Tom in ‘fat-face’ & body prosthetics and Robert Downey Jr. in ‘black-face’. - It parodied EVERYONE and every type of narcissist in Hollywood. - Still holds up as a great comedy!

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Another way to promote his films is to jump again on the couch.

But i respect him as an actor since he does the stunt by himself.

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The trailer showed a brief shot of an F-14. The only nation that still flies F-14s is Iran.

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