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Marriage impossible - Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes split after five years


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Who cares if he is hetero, gay -bi or whatever-sexual. It is his bedroom and he is free to engage in a legal form of sex he wants.

Still recall the outcry when Rock Hudson came out and no-one even suspected.

As for the marriage if it is due to religious differences might be for the better.

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Never heard rumors of Tom being gay or bisexual etc... where is the proof??

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Oxymoron, Christianity combined with Science?? Sure! I guess RL Hubburd was on to $omething??

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Kofuku no kagaku has no connection to scientology. The only similarity is in the name.

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He's bonkers anyway, so Katie is well out of there.

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I've never understood the fascination with watching celebrities have difficulties. Wish them well and stay out of their business.

Well said.

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I heard Katie wanted to get divorced because Tom was too pushy with the scientology education on the kids. And for that, I say to her 'bravo'! Children, just like adults and everyone else, should be allowed to come to their own conclusions about religion/spirituality if and when they decide to do so. I don't agree with pushing your religion on to your children although it does happen a lot.

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I am 5ft 11, T-Mack is what I am called, short for "Ten Bears Mack Daddy", I always seem to draw a small crowd of women around me...But I have alot more respect for Women than Mr Cruise. arigatou gozaimasu shanabelle

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Why be married to a shopping friend for 5 years.

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T-Mack、(is that short for Maverick?) if you are often mistaken for Tom Cruise, you must be very handsome in addition to being 4ft 10 or so!!

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Their must be a bylaw in the Screen Actor's Guild (union) contract that states that in Hollywood you cannot stay married to the same old stale spouse for more than five years. It's the best way to keep your name in the papers.

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Seems like Katie is being stalked by scientologists now. Like my first G/F told me never sleep with someone crazier than yourself.

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JapanGalJul. 01, 2012 - 08:31PM JST

The more times you get married and divorced, the more you learn and the better you get at it.

@JapanGal, I do not believe so.

It is your choice whatever you want to do, but I want to suggest condom use for YOU if you ever get married. Making personal commitment to marriage is just a beginning. You need to work HARDER in marriage when you have children as you will recognize a sense of moral and social obligations for your children and society.

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All is fair in love.

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I have often been told I look like Tom Cruise, Even asked for an autograph when I was in Hollywood Chinese Restraunt, to which I replied "I'm not him"...but they did not believe me. So now I shaved my head bald so that does not happen any more. I am very dissapointed in Tom,s behavior. I beleive when two people get married they become one flesh, and the marriage should last until the day you die. Now all these women and children are torn, as Tom leaves a wake of people in sad despair... I've lost respect for him...Sorry, That's not what I would do....When I fall in love, it's for a life time...Shame on you Tom Cruise, you used to be my favorite actor, but not any more...

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The more times you get married and divorced, the more you learn and the better you get at it. I bet he hooks up at least 5 more times before his days are over.

I do think he is a great actor though. Glad he was found.

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Katie, I think made the right decision for her daughter...I would never send a little kid to a Scientology school! Whether she can't defeat team Tom in the courts is another matter. BTW Anybody noticed the Scientology joints popping up here in Japan like Seven-elevens in the last couple of years years? If you see the banner 「幸福の科学」 (lit: the science of happiness) it is them, as if we don't have enough religious nut-groups sniffing for money in Japan already!

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So every one of Tommy's wives was 33 when they split and 34 when the divorce was finalised.

Yes, I just noticed that, too, while reading other news sources. Very strange, on top of the wives being born in cycles of 11 years. If the next wife is going to have 1989 as her year of birth, then here are some suggestions:

Taylor Swift, the singer.

Hayden Panettiere, awarded key to the city of Taiji.

Or, if Tom decides to switch sides, he could try and woo Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame.

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Feel sorry for the children who usually are the major victims.

I would have traded places, except for the Scientology.

And welcome to 2012 people. If Tom likes the guys, he also seems to like the gals. That means he would be bi, not gay. Once again, this is 2012 people, not 1952. Please try and keep up.

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tho they were happily together?

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TC as Britney: Oops, I did it again...

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Americans believe in 2nd chance in life.

1st divorce-well, I do not know that.

2nd divorce-well, I tried very hard, but failed. I will never marry again.

3rd dirovrce-well, what is wrong with me? I guess I am a real a@@ hole and idiot.

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Marriage is 'impossible' and ironic for a narcissist and an egoist.

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Nicole Kidman, apparently gold digged her way to 50+ million.. pre nups should be stricter... :P

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"Katie and Tom also have very different parenting views. Katie wants Suri to go to school with other children and have a grounded routine whereas Tom doesn't, he wants her schooled in the same manner as Connor and Isabella were. Tom is nowhere near as strict as Katie is and doesn't believe in disciplining Suri, whereas Katie believes that is important. Tom basically treats Suri as a little adult, however Katie treats her like a six-year-old child, and that causes some major clashes over parenting style."

(also from dlisted)

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Mimi Rogers, who introduced Tom to Scientology, was 31 when she married him in 1987 and 33 when their marriage ended. Mimi was 34 when their divorce was finalized.

Nicole Kidman was 23 when she married Tom in 1990 and 33 when their marriage ended in 2001. Nicole was 34 when their divorce was finalized.

Katie Holmes was 28 when she became this third bride in 2006 and she's 33 now. If their divorce goes through after December, she'll be 34 when she's officially free.

So every one of Tommy's wives was 33 when they split and 34 when the divorce was finalised.


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Wait, Tom Cruise had to win two lawsuits in order to be able to allege that he is gay? That is some far-out jurisprudence.

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There are a lot of people who divorce for a lot of reasons, including beliefs and philosophy. Tom Cruise has never done anything bad to anyone, and he's only ever used his fame for good. I don't know what makes people so excited about bashing him when he's down.

Katie should have explored the religion more before she married him. He didn't just convert, and Scientology hasn't changed since she married him. She benefited from his fame, and now she's out the door, and he's the bad guy?

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Broken marriages, broken bonds, broken promises. Sad truth, not only for us normal people, but also for the celebrities who seem to have a larger share of them. Why? Dunno, maybe because their world is a bit of a fantasy world where different rules apply? Feel sorry for the children who usually are the major victims.

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felt she was turning into a TC robot? Either that or a Stepford wife.

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This is the first I've heard of Tom Cruise perhaps being homosexual.

But you had heard his name ?

celebrities have difficulties.

Who has difficulties ?

$3 million for every year of the marriage plus ownership of a California mansion

Sounds better than losing your baito at the kombini.

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In related news, Tom Cruise, distraught, will repeat his leap back on Oprah's couch....but this time fly back to his home planet of Xenu.

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Success with some movies, but what for me would be the ultimate failure, otherwise.

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Fairytale Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes . . .

Hardly. In fact, most people thought she needed to have her head examined.

She's probably had enough of the Scientology nonsense and a career that's gone no where since the marriage.

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This is the first I've heard of Tom Cruise perhaps being homosexual. It could hurt his Hollywood image as an action star. I say that only because he's not that great an actor.

Infidelity is infidelity no matter the gender.

Scientology really busts IMO

Jennifer Lopez was in it. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are Scientologists, both with rumors of bisexuality.

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On the other hand, spudman, it's absolutely nobody's business but his and his partner's, how and with whom he likes to have sex.

It's a shame when a marriage fails and there are many reasons why they do. Too bad a kid's involved, so i hope the breakup details are smoothly sorted out.

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No matter how attractive the wife, how mystic the religion and how famous he is; Tom's fondness of homosexual relations won't be extinguished. Get out of the closet Tom, America doesn't care anymore about sexual preferences.

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“Mimi Rogers 1956; Nicole Kidman 1967; Katie Holmes 1978 - my supercomputer analysis says Tom Cruise’s next wife was born in 1989,” said one, signed HAL_9000.

That was creepy, and yet funny.

Second wife to have had enough of Scientology? Ironic, but I think it was his first wife who introduced him to this cult.

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