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Tom Hanks returns as symbologist Robert Langdon in 'Inferno'


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"Symbologist" - like Umberto Eco for those who don't like an intellectual read, I guess.

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The ending was the real dilemma in that book, with the author refusing to take a side or give his view. I wonder what the director's approach would be. As for the book, it read more like a travel guide, with overly detailed descriptions of famous landmarks, and not all of the details really related to the story; they only managed to slow the pace of the narrative and , well, add pages. Fun to read, but slightly below " The Da Vinci Code" , me thinks. BTW, why did they miss "The Lost Symbol"? It wasn't that bad, at least not worse than "Inferno".

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Read the book. Thought provoking ending that I can agree with.

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The Da Vinci Code was a fun movie. Inferno not so much. I hope the trend doesn't continue.

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None of them are nearly as good as "The Norman Rockwell Code", which is intentionally funny. https://vimeo.com/24662759

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Interesting themes, but not the strongest character and actually not the strongest films.

However crowd scenes in 'Angels and Demons' were well constructed and edited. But in St peter's Square, it is normal for people to gather from time to time. However Florence is just crowded. I shall probably see Inferno, but I get the impression that 'Hannibal''s Renaissance baroque degradation might stay more attractive than any salvation in a walk around an 'Inferno'

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