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Tone-deaf or tuned-in? Coronavirus epidemic proves a minefield for celebs

By Jill Serjeant

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Shocking to hear celebrities being out of touch with the average person.

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Maybe the media could consider not celebrating their every brain fart?

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Celebrities are trying to relate to everyone else now hahaha

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Consumption of celebrities' waffle is a non-essential good...

Pass the pasta, please

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Justin B is worth $150 million. Where is he now?

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Wow, if we elect Britney Spears as a United States President, she may enact laws that we badly need limiting the ratio between highest and lowest paid in a company to 10!!! Britney may do what all our useless incompetent politicians failed to do...

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Where do I apply for celebrity money?

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In a Canadian bunker with Selena Gomez, zack and cody, and all the other early 2000s stars.

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Not living the suite life ;)

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Wow, Britney talking about 'sharing the wealth' and helping workers. This from an airhead who fed her purse Chihuahua a $250 filet mignon steak and practically has made a career that truly qualifies as getting money for nothing. Who gave her that script to read to us?

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"Taylor Swift Secretly Helped a Small Record Store Stay Open"

After Nashville record store Grimey’s New & Preloved Music was forced to close its doors amid the coronavirus pandemic, Taylor Swift quietly stepped in to help out.

Co-owner Doyle Davis told Rolling Stone that Swift sent money for every employee, and is also covering three months of healthcare for the staff.

Swift has also sent money to multiple fans who are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic.

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