Too quiet on the set; filming accidents often go untold


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It's just like any business,game or situation really- Once given a set of rules on how to "play", people just game the system. Risk vs. Reward.

Think of it in another way- most of us probably speed right? That puts yourself and others on the road in some degree of danger, and if you don't speed too much you're probably not going to get caught. And if you do get caught, hundreds/thousands of others aren't...and the penalty is pretty minor so you'll probably do it again in the future.

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I am reminded of the Peter O'Toole classic... the STUNTMAN. Go watch the movie. You get artists under pressure from accountants and people who want to make their mark in the industry at any cost...and you will have accidents. How is this any different from circus folk falling from trapezes or carnies getting mangled in roller coasters? It is entertainment, and these people cut corners for a living. They always have.

Go ahead and regulate them some more. See if that will help. I doubt it. It will raise their costs, so they will move shooting locations to Africa or the former Soviet Republics, and any other area where the laws do not apply. In fact, wasn't FURY ROAD made in Africa? They probably could not make it legally anyplace else. But it sure was a great flick.

No animal was harmed while making this comment.

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If you watch the credits for any movie where even a single animal is involved, you'll see the 'No animals were killed or injured in the making of this film' certification. Let's get it standard practice for the makers of any film involving humans to need a similar certificate for their film to get shown in any cinema, on any TV channel, and on any streaming service.

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Not just films, but the concert and special event industry have the same issues. Look at the number of collapsed stages, fallen truss and injured or dead performers and staff at festivals, concerts and circuses. Partly ignorance, though standards exist; partly 'pushing the envelope' for greater thrills; and partly not wanting to pay properly.

Finally, whilst the 'talent' or artists' might be well-compensated, well-fed and well-housed; working crews often have to work excessive hours with minimum breaks, as the producers or clients try to save money where they can. In the US, IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) rules help protect them, but in other parts of the world, little concern is paid for their needs.

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Maybe movies in the future, will have a certification, 'Only 2 people were killed in the making of this film'.......

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It seems they forgot this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twilight_Zone_accident

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