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Top Japanese YouTube channel ranking: Who placed first in 2021?

By cinnamonellie, grape Japan

Have you ever wondered what is popular among young people in Japan and what Japanese influencers people tend to watch? Are you curious about the current trending YouTube channels in Japan?

YouTube is a growing platform, and becoming a YouTuber or gaining a certain number of subscribers is, undoubtedly, not an easy task. In Japan, there is a considerable number of people watching YouTube.

To find out who was trending in 2021, Nox Limited did a survey from Jan 1 to Nov 15, 2021. The survey, based on the data of the influencer marketing analysis tool Nox Influencer includes:

The survey narrowed down the five top categories representing around 81% of YouTube content. Out of this 81%, around 40% of survey respondents were focused on "Entertainment" (the top category), followed by "People & Blogs," "Gaming," "Music" and "Sports."

Ranking of YouTube channels trending in 2021


Below, you can see the summarized list of the top 20 YouTube Channels:

  1. Tokai OnAir (東海オンエア tōkai on'ea)
  2. Comdot (コムドット komu dotto)
  3. Fischer's (フィッシャーズ fisshazu)
  4. Mochimaru's Diary (もちまる日記 mochimaru nikki)
  5. Liberal Arts University President Ryo (両学長 リベラルアーツ大学 ryo gakucho riberaru ātsu daigaku)
  6. 48 (48-フォーエイト foeito)



  1. Johnny's Jr channel (ジャニーズJr.チャンネル janizu junia channeru)
  2. SutoPuriChannel (すとぷりちゃんねる sutopuri channeru)
  3. Hajime Syacho (hajime) (はじめしゃちょー hajime shacho)

12. Snow Man

  1. Nichijo-gumi (日常組)

14. ヒカル Hikaru


  1. Pmaru-sama (P丸様)
  2. Toei special effects YouTube Official (東映特撮YouTube Official tōei tokusatsu yuchubu ofisharu)
  3. Monst (Monster Strike) official (モンスト(モンスターストライク)公式 Mon suto (monsutā sutoraiku) kōshiki)

19. JO1

  1. Jinnai Tomonori no netajin (陣内智則のネタジン)

Channels with a high chance of having their videos trend

  1. Taniyan Tanizaki Takahito (谷やん谷崎鷹人)
  2. Tokai OnAir (東海オンエア tokai on'e


4. Fujii Kaze

  1. Seira せいら
  2. my channel (my channel 【白石麻衣 公式】 Shiraishi Mai koshiki; translation: my channel [MaiS hiraishi official])

7 Bravo Ryo's Bonsabadu! Channel (ブラーボりょうのボンサバドゥ!チャンネル Burabo Ryo no bonsabadu! channeru)

8. Apex Legends

9. まあたその「ほぼメインチャンネル」(ma taso no `hobo mein channeru'; translation: Maā-taso's mostly main channel)

  1. Cooking Reimu Channel (クッキング霊夢ちゃんねる kukkingu reimu channeru)
  2. Official Hige Dandism (Official髭男dism)
  3. Sashihara Channel (さしはらちゃんねる)

13. Snow Man

14. Naokiman 2nd Channel

15. ふくれな fukurena

16. 妖夢のみょんなお料理ちゃんねる (yomu no myonna oryori channeru; lit. translation: Yomu’s odd cooking channel)

  1. Maruyama Aya channel (丸山礼チャンネル)

18. かす Kasu

19. はじめまして松尾です (hajimemashite matsuo desu; lit. translation: Nice to meet you, I'm Matsuo)

  1. Banka Radio (バンカラジオ banka rajio)

I am also an avid viewer of YouTube and enjoy watching Japanese YouTube channels or finding out the current trends in Japan.

I am watching around 50% of the Japanese YouTube channels above, and I am a fan of Pmaru-sama and fukurena’s videos, so I recommend giving them a try.

Both have different types of content but are super fun, and they can also become a practice for your Japanese.

Let us know in the comments if you have any Japanese favorite YouTube Channel or if you watch any of the channels above.

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Yes, a nice little trap. In theory, of course I would like to give it a try and watch them all. But what will happen then? All my future recommendations will only consist of those influencer’s channels and are not based anymore on my preferences and usually watched videos. The same result if I delete history or personal recommendations, as then the standard recommendations will appear and of course also will consist only of the top ranking influencer channels. lol

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Tried to open a few channels from the list above, most of them displayed a group of 5 or more effeminate boys on the top of the page, no thank you...

When you see you arent subscribed to none of these channels is when you realize japanese entertainment is just not for us...

Quite a few interesting japanese channels with real world experiences though..

ジョーブログ (the guy who travels the world), テイコウペンギン (crazy mundane stuff that one knows about) , 生きざまTV, etc... the rest is just the same garbage you see on tv, with the same silly thumbnails (hikakin, etc)

7 ( +7 / -0 )

I suspect that when it comes to non-Japanese, the top Japanese-oriented YouTube channel is Abroad in Japan.

10 ( +10 / -0 )

@ Sven Asai - watch them in a Private Window. Problem solved.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

I log onto Youtube and also switch the language and country so I don't need to watch all this drivel. Without doing this, all I get are recommendations for this same weird looking guy. That way, I only get to watch what I'm interested in.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Have you ever wondered what is popular among young people in Japan and what Japanese influencers people tend to watch?

yet they fail to give the actual demographic of the supposed survey group.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Don’t watch YouTube much anymore. Too many ads.

just pay a small monthly subscription fee and there are no commercials.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

all I get are recommendations for this same weird looking guy. 

Just like J-tv, which I turned on by accident yesterday. Same old slapstick comedy, people saying oishii for everything, an old bald guy (Tsurubei) doing a silly face and everyone bursting in laughter, how old are these people?

just pay a small monthly subscription fee and there are no commercials.

sounds silly paying 1000yen to watch Youtube "for free", but not for people studying 4 languages from 15 different channels or when you spend some 5h/day driving while watching/listening to your watch later videos, get home and watch more of what you are really interested on your tv, its either pay 1000yen once a month or skip the ads hundreds of times every day.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

I personally enjoy youtube, I watch lots of sport, mostly highlights of the current competitions and tutorials in tennis, and sometimes music. Lots of high quality for free, so I don't mind the commercials, it is after all a business, not charity. I have a few subscriptions and the algorithm mostly suggests stuff I am interested in; I do see some weird suggestions from time to time, but I just ignore them, it's not that difficult.

3 ( +3 / -0 )


Don’t watch YouTube much anymore. Too many ads.

Weren't you the one who recommended AdBlocker to me? It's worked a treat. Not one single ad.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

I got a down-vote from one of the advertising companies!

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Have you ever wondered what is popular among young people in Japan and what Japanese influencers people tend to watch?

No, never.

Are you curious about the current trending YouTube channels in Japan?

No, never.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

I know some of them but I'm surprised Kiyo isn't here.. Personally I watch mostly gaming channels and I am a fan of TOP4(Kiyo, Retoruto, Gatchman and Ushizawa).

I also watch my favorite seiyuu Hanae Natsuki's gameplays.

I used to watch Mizutamari Bond as well but you know after what happened... It's kinda.. Hard to watch.

I also watch Emirin Channel sometimes and despite the many controversies surrounding her, I still think she's very entertaining and inspiring.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Who cares !? Zzzzz

0 ( +5 / -5 )

I watch Hikaru channel and hajime sachou, also sometimes fisher's and tokai on air. 3 are enjoyable antics channel except hikaru. I also watch 2 other comedy skit channels not in this list.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

my kids are addicted to youtube - they can sit still for hours watching vids of kids unwrapping presents and giving reviews on toys....

and my wife likes the first take channel as alot of her favourite anime singers are on there (Lisa, Uru, Aimer)

I normally go on youtube to watch football highlights...

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Konbini confessions!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Parents of Japanese children might be interested in this, but I doubt the average person gives a hoot

1 ( +1 / -0 )

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