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British TV presenter Caroline Flack found dead

By Tolga AKMEN

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Poor lady. Never heard of her and I'm British.

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Never heard of her either, but then again I just have no interest in these fake reality shows. What is the obsession with these shows?

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Death by suicide. A tragedy when someone can't see through the darkness.

It costs you nothing but kindness to hold out a hand to someone who may be having difficulties with life.

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The previous day (on Valentines Day) a British 'newspaper', The Sun, posted an article with a V Day card that was mocking her (one many other past articles that they posted mocking her).

Hopefully The Sun will go the same way as their sister paper and vanish from the face of this earth.

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Very sad, very attractive woman, good presenter and a superb dancer (she won Strictly Come Dancing in 2014), the court case should never have gone ahead. The Crown Prosecution Service we’re forcing it through even though her partner who she was accused of assaulting during a row, was insistent that he did not wish the case to proceed. She was hounded on social media and the gutter press.

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Very Sad.

Boyfriend's comments of sadness are fake - just like the whole "Reality TV scene" - which should be canned, as real Reality is about feeding yourself/your family from day to day, and isn't pleasant - so who'd watch it?

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 Never heard of her and I'm British.

Maybe because you've lived in Japan THAT long.

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