Tracy Chapman sues Nicki Minaj for lifting lyrics, melody


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what contrast - Chapman, proud and nappi headed, Minaj, a hair dyed painted floozie.

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Chapman is the better artist IMHO.

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Minaj is overrated.

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Difficult one. Musicians have been borrowing other musicians tunes for decades. Even classical composers were not averse to cheeky little lifts, here and there. I like both of the artists who are so different in style and output, I hope it can be settled without too much aggro.

Chapman, proud and nappi headed, Minaj, a hair dyed painted floozie

Not sure what either artists appearance or sex life has to do with the story, though.

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Couldn't identify a Minja song if you offered me money. Something I'm quite proud of.

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Nicki definitely has better hair than Tracy.

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