Trans Netflix staff plan walkout over Chappelle special


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and how many trans employees are there at Netflix? 2? 3? One was already fired for smearing Netflix on social media because of the special. Most of these woke companies only follow where the money is and Dave Chappelle is worth much more with his appeal to the masses than the tiny percentage of trans folks.

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They should tell them not to come back! They probably haven't even watched the show and are just jumping on the "its all about my people" bandwagon!

I watched the show in question he hits on some very interesting/deep points and it is well worth the watch!

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Dave Chappelle hit them where it hurts.

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I've gotta watch this before they delete it.

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I watched it. It wasn't as funny as other Chappelle specials in my opinion, but it also seemed more like a commentary, or a 'screw you' to the masses, than a straight up comedy special. I enjoyed it though, and laughed a bunch.

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I am sure that if anyone watched enough Netflix content their would be something that they didn’t agree with.. probably many things.

If people are so thin skinned, they shouldn’t be working for a large content provider in the first place. Good riddance… and isn’t it ironic that all the transgender employees (not sure how many we are talking about) get grouped into one - it is very possible that some are not offended at all, nor should they feel the need to be.

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But Terra Field, a software engineer who identifies as queer and trans, tweeted Tuesday that she had been "re-instated" and "felt vindicated."

These people are privileged whiners, if the above was a heterosexual, especially male, they would have been fired !

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In the special, I believe that Dave was trying to point out some of the hypocrisy coming from the LGBTQ community in particular the transgender community. And, that real dialogue cannot begin until both sides of the conversation take responsibility for their role in the issue. He focused on the racism and bullying that exists in the community which he notes as ironic considering the LGBTQ community claims to be a minority that is constantly being bullied. All of his examples in the show fit into one of those two categories or both.

When Dave was doing skits about black people being crackheads and calling them the N-word, those people were probably not boycotting or taking a stand for African Americans including anyone of any race that identify as transgender.

In this recent special, Dave gives a tribute his transgender comedian friend who committed suicide after being bullied online by the LGBTQ community for defending Dave and explaining his side with one single post on Twitter. Dave was the only person to set up a financial account for his friend's young daughter.

Basically, he said empathy is a two way street.

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Just watched it last night. Reckon this may be one of the greatest publicity stunts ever btw. Go Netflix! Drama in and out of the shows. Brilliant.

Would you expect anything less btw from a guy like Chappelle? This is what these guys do. Stir people up for a living, and he does it so well. Laughter still the best medicine.

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I feel for both of them, but Netflix will follow the money.

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Translove is what we need.

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Dave Chappelle hit them where it hurts.

I would say the nuts, but they may or may not have any.

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Watched “The Closer” after Your post @cracaphat this week. So, WHO were those two white women(?)* so stoic throughout?

*- @cracaphatOct. 12 9:46pm Posted in: Netflix defends Chappelle, suspends staff in transgender row: “My wife said as we were watching, that he was going in hard on poor white people. But it wasn't so mean-spirited because the audience in Detroit all laughed. Except for two older,heavy set white woman sitting in the third row, with one looking decidely miserable.Had to have been a plant because they brought the negative energy something fierce.” -

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I thought it was great and a masterpiece and Dave told it like it was and I am glad Netflix is standing with him, it needed to be said once and for all. A true American patriot and a man that will not cower in the face of political wokeness allowing himself to be pushed into thinking the way the political social injustice warriors want him to.

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In this recent special, Dave gives a tribute his transgender comedian friend who committed suicide after being bullied online by the LGBTQ community for defending Dave 

That is some extreme bullying if it drove someone to suicide. Trans shemales can be horrible. Lots of videos on YouTube of them berating and assaulting shop assistants etc for not calling them “Ma’am” when they in fact look like hulking monstrosities.

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I look forward to the day when we can be done with this crap. I find plenty of content offensive, and guess what I do: I act like an adult by coming to terms with the fact that it’s not for me and I watch something else. It’s FINE! Grow up!

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Netflix trans staff plan to walkout.

See ya!

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If you want to laugh you backside off, then watch Dave Chappelle's skit concerning Jussie Smollett. You may remember, when Smollett claimed he was attacked by right wing people but in fact it was a set up with his two black friends. It was a giant hoax that the people on the left fell for beyond compare. The audience, mostly black, were laughing so loud that I had to turn the volume down on the computer.

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Oh my. Look at this overnight, unjustifiable hyperbole!: - @Kentarogaijin 1:34am: “Trans community is killed everyday almost for "sport",…

*… “All this bullying affects how the Trans community is treated, in many countries, (US included),Trans community is killed everyday almost for "sport",…*

Where are these specific, statistics and current links of the alleged daily violent attacks on transgender people in “many countries”? … Particularly, North America since you chose to “include” it?

All of these exaggerations read like just more propagandized hatred of western countries by someone who wants to disassociate themselves from their former selves. Good luck with that.

Will agree with you on this:

- “It does not matter the sexuality of each one, we are all human and we all have rights, … HUMAN rights” -

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According to Chappelle, You got part of this situation correct but left major details from the epilogue (SPOILERS follow) :

*- @Kentarogaijin 1:34am: “All this bullying affects how the Trans community is treated, …”*

and how they treat each other apparently:

*- “In his latest routine, Chappelle says he does not hate transgender people, and *tells a long anecdote about a trans woman comic, whom he describes as a friend, who came to his defense in earlier entanglements with the community…” …

and was so bullied by her own community afterward that she killed herself. Chappelle was deeply saddened, and disappointed, by the loss of “his friend”.

Perhaps someone should actually watch the show and then come back and give their objective review of Chappelle’s account ??

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Actual lol

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@Kentarogaijin: Transphobic people are ignorant bigots, both those who are famous and those who support them..

I watched The Closer last night and enjoyed it. It was more political commentary than your typical Chappell comedy set. Comedy is at its best when it satirizes the sacred cows of the dominant culture.

He said some things that I didn’t like but it made me think for a minute about some of my beliefs. Changes in thinking are incremental. Bringing forth ideas that are verboten helps us examine our beliefs and understand why we believe what we do. Chappell is a Liberal who has dared to take on the Left’s cancel culture. He could care less what the neo-Marxists think about him. That is a threat that the intolerant Left feels compelled to stamp out lest they lose their veto on the culture. Thus the highly publicized walkout.

I am actually surprised that Netflix has not cowered to the woke mob. With the exception of Chappell they genuflect to the dominant culture at every opportunity.

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Transphobic people are ignorant bigots, both those who are famous and those who support them..

All this bullying affects how the Trans community is treated, in many countries, (US included),Trans community is killed everyday almost for "sport", that must be stopped.

It does not matter the sexuality of each one, we are all human and we all have rights, in diversity EVERYONE can fit !!..

LGBTIQ rights are HUMAN rights !!..

Yes, but they also are a big part of the uproar to push for all of this upheaval we are seeing globally, treat them equally, I understand, but giving them preferential treatment is way too much. Changing the entire lexicon, pronouns, debating if a man can have a child, creating new euphemisms is just way too much and now they are receiving a lot of backlash for it and a lot of the progressive wing of the social movement forced us to change the very definition of what and how biology works in order to make one group feel special and that was wrong from the very beginning. Treating people in a dignified and respectful manner is one thing, but changing words is a whole different can of worms.

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Dave Chappelle under fire for LGBTQ+ jokes


Dave Chappelle Faces Backlash for Latest Netflix Special — Does He Deserve to Be Canceled? 


Dave chappelle is a comic, whether it comical or not, is a matter of opinion.

There is measure in the satirical mocking nature of Chappelle delivery.

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Dave Chappelle’s ‘Closer’: THE PART NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT | Daphne Dorman |


Be aware of the profanity, it not a opinion, it is a comic plying his trade.

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Being a comedian does not exempt you from criticism.

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