Transgender Hollywood seeks recognition, and not just roles


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Just like in Animal farm, some animals are more equal than others.

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According to on study, about 0.58 percent of Americans identify as transgender. That's about how much caring I'll allot to this Hollywood matter.

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"Trans people are fighting every day to be seen and accepted as human beings,"

This is true. Some people see them as less than human, as animals. Others spend time telling the rest of us how little they care.

But slowly and surely, the battle for recognition is being won. If that helps ordinary folk who are facing discrimination and hate crimes, every bit helps.

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it is less a battle of recognition and more of a war against average people by special interest groups.

stop forcing non minorities to bend over way backwards to accommodate. the large majority of people are at least tolerant of lgbt, but do not want it force fed down their throats

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we should have Heterosexual parade too, but that would be too boring.

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These sort of side shows are all the left has these days. The game is up and they know it. Muchado about nothing. The LGBT community will be just fine. The ones that I’ve known carried an inner strength that brought about a natural respect. Tough, funny, witty and battle hardened. No need at all to force it at all.

SJWs on the other hand...

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paradoxboxToday  09:05 am JST

but do not want it force fed down their throats

Please tell us who held a gun to your head and forced you to click on this story and read it. The people need to know about the cruel oppression you've suffered.

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Encouraging a victim mind and mentality damages , weakens and debilitates everyone involved, while at the same time making the problem worse. Period.

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"To have someone with any amount of power be reflective, and say, 'I did something wrong, I learned something and I'm sorry'...

It's worth stopping to think about this for a moment. A non-trans actor playing a trans character is being defined as doing "something wrong"... If an Australian actor plays an American character, are they doing something wrong? Should we call for the sacking of all Star Trek actors because none of them are really officers of Starfleet?

Acting is, by definition, playing a part. It is not simply representing yourself. Trans actors should be judged on their acting ability, not on being transgender. This idea of "authentic casting" is stupid. They need to focus on "best casting", otherwise what's the point?

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Meh.  Like actors of whatever gender (self identified or otherwise) need our sympathy.

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I might have watched the movie with Scarlett, but now not so interested. Tail wagging the dog.

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This is getting ridiculous. Who cares? What’s next, boycotting every openly gay actor who plays a straight character in a movie or vice-versa? I don’t think that would go down too well in Hollywood because half of the actors would then be typecast and only be allowed to play a gay character because it’s “authentic”.

Should Brokeback Mountain have been condemned because the two lead actors were actually straight in real life?

Actors are supposed to immerse themselves in a role and become someone they are not.

I’m all for transsexual actors getting more recognition but let’s face it, there are not too many of them outside of a certain adult film genre.

I am just surprised how overly sensitive the world has become in recent years.

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"Every show wants an episode with a trans character in it," he says — usually a trans woman. "But that's just one character. What about the others? I could be the teacher. I could be the barista.”

Let me try to sort this statement out. Easy ones first.

”Every show”. Every show? Please enumerate. I guess I’m not in the Hollywood-Broadway loop. Don’t mind that.

”... an episode with a trans character in it,” he says - usually a trans woman.” Okay. A trans woman playing the part of a trans woman. Fab. Sorry, Scarlett, but I don’t give a damn.

Here’s the tough one.

”What about the others? I could be a teacher ...”

Does this mean a trans woman actress ... make that actor (stepping on toes here, ごめん) ... playing the part of a trans woman teacher or a trans woman actor playing the part of a heterosexual (allowed?) actress ... argh! did it again ... make that actor ...?

If it’s the latter, wouldn’t the hetero... straight (okay?) woman actor be wronged by the person casting the trans woman actor in a role to which the straight woman actor might bring a more intimate understanding of the gender she’s portraying?

Please, Louise, a little guidance. I’m too old to go back to kindergarten to be indoctri... learn the correct way of thinking.

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"Breaking news: extra-terrestrial life forms to boycott Hollywood since they won't employ real Vulcans in Star Trek!"

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This is silly, if you want to be an actor/actress, GO FOR IT, I don't care whether you are this that or something else, if your good, you should get roles, if not so good, few roles...

Authentic casting, boy that is really DUMB idea.

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Ethnic Asian actors are fighting for the same concept as well

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Acting was supposed to be about talent...

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Acting was supposed to be about talent..

Lost-in-Nagoya, you are SO ‘90s!

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We are in a world who still believe colonisation and ethnogenocide is not a crime against mankind.

So minority have learnt to defend themselves for their right to survive and not to be use for food and "good soul advertisement".

We call the problem "culture appropriation" in art. You use a minority culture, and you make the big bucks instead of them, because it is so virtuous to think about the poorest.

But, the reality shows, that :

1 - It is a utopia that never speak ill about the real discrimination and deads people.

2- If you are a real transgender, your film will never be bought, and as an actor you can work in X as sex slave.

3- There is no transgender in the "good" film.




On the ethic and law side

Previously, that was for the transgender problem part. Then come the normal human problem : a transgender sex is not normal sex. They are more opened that most people. So acting insurance don't insure about sex harassment, or rape or psychological trauma. You often have to film without insurance.

There is a natural sex barrier in all human, and today, as a real psychomedical matter, this is ill advised to break it. An acting job can't ask to break a psychology nature human root.

The subject is still in debate. So it is forbidden to discriminate transgender, but it is still forbidden to say, "it is the same as being born in a girl's body or a boy's body". The film subject is insanely hard to balance because you are forbidden to say "it is the same".

Good luck to explain it to the minority that is still beaten to death, and to the majority that want to kill them.



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What’s next, boycotting every openly gay actor who plays a straight character in a movie or vice-versa?

It's already happened. Neil Patrick Harris has been ridiculed by the gay community because he plays straight characters.

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Neil Patrick Harris has been ridiculed by the gay community because he plays straight characters.

The entire gay community has ridiculed him? Just like that?

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keep it up, lefties! You and the lgbtq agenda are the best thing that ever happened for keeping your silly politicians out of power.

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Oh come on. You quoted what I actually said, then add you own words to it, and try to attribute it to me? Not cool at all. At least you put your addition in bold so hopefully people can see which one of us is in the wrong.

There are blacks and Latinos that support Trump. Does that make it wrong for me to say 'the black and Latino community hate Trump'? Because if saying that implies the entire community, like you are trying to say that I implied about the gay community, that would be a lie too.

So, NO not the **entire community, which is not what I said anyway.* However,* it was wide spread enough to make it into the news when he was making it big on How I Met Your Mother.

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