Travel curbs on S Koreans prompt K-pop cancellations, especially in Japan


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The concerts were being postponed long before these new travel restrictions were in place.

I was due to see Red Velvet at the beginning of March. However the announcement that the concerts in Yokohama are postponed were announced a few weeks back.

So anyone who tries to make it about politics are talking b/s. Because all k pop concerts/events in Korea, Japan, Europe etc have been postponed.

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At this point, who would like to perform in a place full of people when K-pop is recording without people even when shooting a broadcast program?

BTS also canceled all schedules for Asian performances a month ago.

And while Koreans were boycotting, they did not enter Japan much.

Abe alone is mistaken.

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Pop music of any kind is usually unpopular among those over 60 years old.

Here, go knock yourself out.


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I see. Certainly K-pop is very unpopular among Netouyo who are mostly 60 years old.


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SJToday  01:23 pm JST

Just curious whether k-pop is also popular among Netouyo (ネット右翼).

Probably no more than j-pop is popular among 韓国民族主義者 (한국 민족 주의자)

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Its just karma its how it works

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Just curious whether k-pop is also popular among Netouyo (ネット右翼).

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Japan alone accounted for more than 60% of South Korea's music exports, marking $320.6 million worth of exports in 2017 followed by China and Southeast Asian countries, according to Statistics Korea.

This, while south Koreans were busy tripping over themselves to boycott all things Japan.

Grow up!

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