'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek dies at 80


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Rest in Peace to the one of the greatest game show hosts ever and a brilliant mind. He was also a huge inspiration to those dealing with cancer on how to stay positive through tough roads.

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Damn it. He seemed like a very decent man. Cancer friggin' sucks. Which is the PG-13 phraseology that's permissible on this forum. Condolences to the family.

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I loved watching this with my grandma.

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I'll miss him.

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My father loved watching Jeopardy and trying to guess the answers. As a matter of fact, it was the last show he watched before he died in the critical care unit.

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Along with Bob Barker, the GOAT. RIP.

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Sorry, but Most non-Americans wouldn’t know him

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Everybody who knows, recognizes instantly the Jeopardy "Think" music


Best exactly 30-second timer to put down your final answer, RIP Alex

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Sorry, but Most non-Americans wouldn’t know him

Canadians know one of their own quite well : )

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For decades, whenever I went back to visit the States, I timed my evenings around watching this show with my parents. When my father was 83 and completely blind, he correctly answered a Final Jeopardy that stumped all three contestants. (I didn't know the question either.)

RIP Alex, you were the best Daily Double of all.

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Was he very famous in Japan?

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That guy was smart.

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Another icon my generation grew up with has passed. Getting older kind of sucks. I always enjoyed the show and guessing on my own. And Alex always was pretty cool, never trying to be funny or acting obnoxious or stupid.


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Answer: A true icon of daily television. The best mustache in the game. And he was the inspiration for one of the greatest SNL skits ever.

Question: Who was Alex Trebek.

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