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Trump biopic hits Cannes Film Festival

By Eric Randolph

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A film about tax-breaks-for-the-rich Trump, can’t wait.

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I would not waste my time watching a movie about Trump good or bad. He is an ignorant individual, who does not give a rat's poop about anyone but himself, full stop.

Both Biden and Trump should not be running, both are too old and neither have all their marbles going on. The lesser of two evils is Biden, he does not allow his family run around the white house running the show, he does not put national secrets on tv for everyone to see and or others with no clearance to see. Biden is not perfect, however, just the safer of the two.

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Trump will be felon,by the end of the week

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Why are people giving this orange clown more screen time and exposure?

He’s a terrible human being but maybe there’s an interesting story to be told about his life.

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